My Epic Unveil Track Listing for "Violence"

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Everyone’s favorite underrated indie rock band MY EPIC, have just unveiled the track listing for their upcoming release “Violence”. Check it out below this message. How many people here are My Epic lifers (life long fans)?

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I’ve been a fan since seeing the predecessor (Right Wing Conspiracy) of the predecessor (Shaddai) of My Epic open for Hangnail and Squad Five-O in central Virginia. Aaron and Jesse were in both predecessors. All the music they create is golden.


I became a My Epic Lifer after hearing “Lower Still” on one of IVMs early compilations!

Tim M

I love My Epic. My favourite releases are Yet and Behold. Last year’s EP was pretty great too.


I discovered these guys shortly before Yet came out and they have been one of my top three favorite lyrical bands ever since.


Count me as a My Epic lifer.

Daniel J


Phil metalhed

Cool, even tho the pic isnt showin up. And 2 anser yur ?, me, lol.