Model Engine "The Lean Years Tradition" Is Now Available Digitally

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The story goes, a small independent band known as Black Eyed Sceva begins working with 5 Minute Walk Records and then release their fantastic debut titled “Way Before The Flood” in 1995. The band would release another album/ep called “5 Years, 50,000 Miles Davis” which included a couple new tracks (at the time) alongside Live songs and other rarities. It would release in 1996 and would mark the band’s final release under their name. They regrouped that year and changed their name to “Model Engine” to differentiate themselves from the harder to pronounce and difficult to explain name. The band moved up to “Sara Bellum Records”, a 5 Minute Walk imprint label that had major label distribution and dropped their full length “The Lean Years Tradition” in 1997. It wasn’t so much a departure in sound but rather an upgrade in sound production, songwriting, and that full band sound complete with different instrumentation and backing features. With the sound of this record there was absolutely no reason this couldn’t have been the biggest release of the late 90’s. I’ve praised this album a lot over the years and I count myself as a big fan of the band. Switchfoot were just starting to take off around this time and I could have seen the two bands touring together in the years that followed but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Although I do remember seeing both bands at some mini-fest in the abandoned department store of an old mall near us that was getting remodeled. I don’t know the whole story regarding the end of the band and one day I will interview Jeremy Post about it but it was always a sad part of our scene to lose a group of guys that were intensely talented and passionate about what they did. They were in terms of lyrics, lightyears ahead of many other bands at that time (except for their label mates FIF who always seemed to pull out an endless supply of witty and thought-provoking words). So, long story short, the fantastic 1997 album by Model Engine is now finally available on all digital networks for the first time. Head over to Spotify and Apple Music right now and check out Model Engine “The Lean Years Tradition”. The band members themselves are responsible for the re-release and all support goes to them. The album has been remixed/Remastered as well. Enjoy!

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December 18, 2023 8:41 am

Truly a perfect album.

December 16, 2023 6:56 pm

Got to hang with Jeremy, Brad and Brent, and talked to them many times. BES was incredibly talented and deserved much more exposure, and of course the same with Model Engine. Saw the band(s) in concert at least 10 times, including with Poor Old Lu. (what a show!)

I was really sad when they called it quits, and just basically disappeared into obscurity. They deserved better.

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