Makeshift3 Added To Morbius Soundtrack

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In a last minute attempt to boost sales numbers of tickets for Morbius this weekend, the band Makeshift3 were added to the soundtrack for the new film. They are unlisted and not credited but their music can certainly be felt in this anti-hero film starring the great Jared Leto. A rep for Sony/Marvel had this to say about the last minute addition to Morbius: “We were looking for the perfect music to add in at the end of the post-credits scenes. Right after the final scene shows, the screen turns dark then right before the workers begin picking up cold, stale, butter stained popcorn and cleaning that vomit puddle, the lights come on. At that moment, the drum solos begin, crescendo with the punk-metal sounds, a cymbal crash and then the workers can be heard saying ‘you must leave’. We credit this band for boosting critics scores and delivering a sudden boost of disbelief that will carry over into the numbers on Sunday morning”. You can catch Morbius now in a theater near you and make sure to pick up the band’s brand new album – “Fluorescent Black”, available now through Drive Thru Records on all digital networks!

*This is an April Fools joke and the IVM shenanigans should not discourage anyone from watching Morbius or partaking in the music of Makeshift3. If you can’t sense the humor then you are just a cold, dark, former shell of your former self, in other words – you’re a morbius.

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