Kingdom Story Company and Lionsgate Announce "Unsung Hero"

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A very special film based off For King & Country’s track “Unsung Hero” has just been announced from the studio Kingdom Story Company alongside Lionsgate. The film tells the powerful story about the family that launched the careers of artists like Rebecca St. James and For King & Country, who against all odds traveled from Australia to the U.S. to put down roots as a family of 9 and found a certain strength that shined through in their unshakeable Faith. The film is directed by Joel Smallbone of the group For King & Country and will star Joel Smallbone, and Daisy Betts as the father and mother in this true life story. Kingdom Story Company is the same studio that brought the world such films as “I Can Only Imagine”, “I Still Believe”, “American Underdog”, and this year’s “Jesus Revolution” film. Upcoming film “Ordinary Angels” will be out soon. They also put together some really amazing documentaries like “Jesus Music”, and “The Redemption of an American Icon” about Johnny Cash.

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