Kareem Martin - REALITY

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Kareem Martin has some new tech house for us to hear. With five minutes of grooves and philosophical excerpts sprinkled overtop, “REALITY” opens up the listener to the topic of epistemology. Silverfilter provides an excellent remix that leans toward the chill side, as well. “REALITY” is available July 30, 2019 on digital retailers.

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That’s some pretty blatant satanic imagery there. Not shocking considering that 99.9% of album covers these days convey this freemasonic filth.

You’re totally right. I’d like to add that the site you are posting on actually belongs to the Illuminati. I heard IVM is really a secret way to show your love for the NWO (New World Order). In all honesty Indie Vision Music is just a Jesus loving side hobby meant to inspire people with music of hope and passion. It’s ok if you don’t believe me/us, I’m sure there are dozens of other non-nwo sites out there that champion the cause of the anti-freemasons #sarcasm #ohbrother #herewegoagain