John Cooper of Skillet Announces New Band, Fight the Fury

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Big news from the Skillet camp today, as John Cooper announced his new band, Fight the Fury. John has said that this is the answer that fans who’ve been asking for harder and heavier music from the band and we may get a taste of it a little later on today. The band has also announced plans to play some dates in Russia later this year. Stay tuned at the bands Facebook page (see the link in the first sentence) and sign up for their email list to stay up to date on everything they’ve got going on.

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Christopher Brown

So is he leaving Skillet or is this just another band that he’s a part of


Loving this news! As a big fan of Skillet going way back to their first record…I am super psyched!!! Thank you John Cooper!!! 👊

After Collide, I was hoping Skillet’d stay in a hard rocking direction, but they immediately veered toward poppy, with a few solid heavy songs sprinkled throughout each album. Hope he gets an entire album out of this.


Collide is still my favorite of theirs for the same reason. I do like their last couple pretty well but Collide just really clicked for me.

I did dig Rise, as it felt like they did a good job of melding all their sounds, and the flow of the album felt very organic. The dancey singles for Unleashed turned me off, and I never checked the rest of it out. Is it worth listening to?

Gabe the babe

It is really worth it! It is a different kind of skillet, but still amazing. There are songs in it for everyone. But I’d prefer harder rock… All the time… XD

Hey, you were right! I checked out Unleashed, and while I don’t like it like I like Collide (YES! to harder rock all the time!), it’s a very enjoyable album. Even though it has some more modern pop touches I could do without, it has this constant momentum and positive, inspiring vibe that I really dug. It feels like the truest expression of John Cooper’s spirit, to be honest.

Intrestin 2 c how much “harda” this wil b than skilet. I gues hes guna try 2 make it ful on metal, wich wil b cool. Altho i hav a feelin the band name has been used b4, lol.