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I’ve been following news on this film since they first announced a year or two ago. So, what is it exactly? Well, the creators of films like “I Can Only Imagine”, and “I Still Believe” are taking their talents for making simple songs into feature length films and going a step further by transporting all of us back to a time when the “Jesus Movement” began. Watch the trailer for “Jesus Revolution” below and read on for a personal story from me…

The Jesus Movement really revolutionized much of the landscape of this country for over 50 years now and has continued to weave throughout countries all across the world. It was a true revival of heart, of spirit, of friendships and relationships, and sparking a spiritual reawakening at time when there was so much confusion and disarray. This story is really a personal one for me and I can’t wait to watch it, maybe even with my entire family who all were a part of Calvary Chapel in the early years and where my brother and I grew up. In fact, not just my family but my wife’s family and ours crossed paths at different times growing up and we didn’t know it. This Southern California revival not only gave birth to what would become Contemporary Christian Music and the bubbling rock/metal scene directly below the surface. I guarantee there would be none of those early Christian Rock labels and bands had this movement never happened. The 90’s Christian subculture that exploded was a direct result of the groundwork the generation before us laid down. We all come from different backgrounds and traditions but the commonality of our belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and the inspired word of God leading us forward, is what ties it all together. I’m sure Brandon Ebel and all those Spirit Filled Hardcore Bands would all be in agreement with me on this movement and what it meant for all of us. I have such great memories growing up in Church and belonging to several different youth groups over the years that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. I hear words about trauma being spoken by some who grew up similarly and unfortunately mankind has a fallen nature which led to so much sickness, so much wickedness, and pain, but if the focus is turned directly to those ink filled withered pages of your Bibles, tears will fall, and love will replace the hardest of hearts. The story of Pastor Chuck Smith, the birth of Calvary Chapel in Southern California, Lonnie Frisbee, and the rising of a young Greg Laurie who would go on to become Pastor of Harvest Church in Riverside, is a beautiful story to tell. If ever there was a time for a new Revival to sweep our lost world, now is that time. It needs to be less corporate, less paid marketing, and should just be an organic explosion of all people seeking answers and hope. Jesus Revolution, out in theaters in February 2023!

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