JCHC and The Blamed Documentary

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Zach Bridier of October Bird Of Death and Wiley Willis (The Blamed/October Bird of Death/2 Minute Minor) are making a Documentary on The Blamed and it’s history as a band also an intro on the JCHC/SPIRIT FILLED HARDCORE Scene. Also in case you missed an earlier post, The Blamed are working on new music in the punk/hardcore vein and will record soon for a brand new ep. Read more below…

“With band footage help from Joel Swanson of TigerRAWk. We started filming. It will take you behind the scenes on the Making of The Blamed NEW EP. Also interviews with: Jim Chaffin of The Crucified and The Blamed, Bryan Gray of The Blamed, Tim Spike Davis of Crashdog, Matthew Elliot Green of New Heart, Sid Duffour and Edie Schmaltz Goodwin of Headnoise, Eric Reeder and Mic Cox formally of ZAO and of To Live As Sons, Michael C. Perlmütter and Jason Giles of Anti-World System, Dave Emmerson of The Old-timers and of ZAP Records, Ed Bialach of Grrr Records, members of October Bird of Death, 2Minute Minor, Ballydowse, Jesse Hawley of The Satire, Joshua C Kemble of Dogwood, Tobin Bawinkel of Flatfoot 56, Shawn Browning of Grave Robber, Bryan Hampton of Desiring Dead Flesh and many many many more! I’m excited to learn more about the scene and the band i’m newly fronting: The Blamed. It’s going to be a lot of work. If anyone else has experience in the JCHC/Spirit Filled Hardcore Scene let me know. I’m in the begging process of a long journey!”


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