Is A Bright Sky restarting and are we in for new music?

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A couple of days ago, southern California Christian pop punk act “A Bright Sky” stated on their Facebook page “Exciting news coming soon… Stay tuned!”

For those unfamiliar with A Bright Sky, they were formed in 2011 with former Forgotten Arrival vocalist Travis Aimer doing what he does well. They released 1 EP entitled “Reinventing Yourself” in 2013. Their song “To Forgive” was featured on the IVM’s Punk Never Dies Vol. 2. They played a few shows, and then went silent.

Fast forward to late 2016. There was word that the band had regrouped and was working on new music. Then once again, there was silence.

Present day: We now have this teaser of exciting news coming soon. This writer is hopeful that there’s a new album being set for release or at least a new song as I’ve been needing my “Bright Sky” fix for a while now! For the moment, all we can do is be hopeful and wait. We here at IVM will continue to keep our readers posted. FFO: Forgotten Arrival, Race the Sun, and early Saves the Day


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February 25, 2020 6:55 pm

Sometimes it takes time to get something good ready to put out.

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