Introducing: Silent Culture

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New Jersey isn’t one of the biggest states in the country, in fact it’s one of the smaller ones. Despite that, it’s still large enough, in it’s own right, to inspire surprise that there aren’t more Christian musicians here who are willing and able to take their gifting beyond the four walls of the church. However, inasmuch as NJ may lack Christian bands and artists in quantity, it’s something we certainly make up for in quality.

In the southern part of our state, in a town called Vineland, there is a band called Silent Culture. The band is made up of Matt Urgo on lead vocals/guitar, Jesse Fryson on lead vocals/percussion, Ryan Ippolito on guitar/vocals, Justin Meehan on drums/percussion, and newcomer to the band, Cliff Clifton, on bass/vocals. Formed in November of 2015 from the remaining members of the bands Faith Beyond Fear and Above The Fall, Silent Culture, derives their name from the sense of being part of a culture that goes unheard and they’re tired of it…they’re speaking up and are determined to do so regardless of what they have to say to be a voice for the voiceless.

When it comes to the music, the band has a really well-rounded rock style that combines with raw, gritty, sometimes even punk-esque vocals. If you’re looking for comparisons to other bands here, you’re going to end up a little disappointed, because, to be honest, their style is pretty different from what I usually listen to, but I say this to their credit and wish I knew of more like them! Being from NJ myself, I’m fortunate enough to have plenty of opportunities to see this band perform live, and their live performance currently blows their recorded efforts out of the water. Their live show is definitely a tough one to beat, but a real treat to witness; if you ever have the opportunity, don’t pass it up.

In the year and a half that the band has been together, they have performed numerous shows (they keep very busy in that regard), released an ep, won the Kindred Award for Best New Band of 2016, and if that’s not enough, the guys are currently in the process of writing some new material to record and release a few new singles this Summer. You can also find their song, “This Is My Life” on our free compilation, Hearts Bleed Passion, Vol. 6, part 2.

If you’re anything like me and are always seeking out new bands to listen to, these guys are a must. Check out the links below for places you can do just that and make sure you keep an eye out for them in the future. I predict big things.

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