Indie Vision Music Premiere: Slow Coming Day - Truth Behind The Lies (Music Video)

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Indie Vision Music is proud to present yet again, a new Slow Coming Day music video for the song “Truth Behind The Lies” off the brand new album “The Lost Tapes” which dropped today through Fair Vaux Recordings and Steadfast Records. We celebrate a great mostly underrated band that has stood the test of time to become a legendary “classic” (can I say that?) band full of cherished much loved indie hits and songs that’ll move you. I have been a Slow Coming Day fan going way back before the Tooth & Nail days back when they released their very first independent EP. They were one of the first bands I reached out to for that compilation I put together, “I’m Your Biggest Fan Vol. 2” and have followed each subsequent song released including all of Orion Walsh’s talent fueled “solo” records. If you don’t know who these guys are, have been a casual fan, or even a finger pointing negative naysayer, then do yourself a favor and give this fantastic new album of songs that would have been, should have been, the biggest hits of the band’s career. “The Lost Tapes” is that rare trip down the rabbit hole of the emo days that have somewhat disappeared into our dreams and nostalgic longing yet seemingly has returned in ways I didn’t expect. So many of these songs sound current and edgy enough that you wouldn’t know they were recorded over a decade ago. They feel new, they look new, and they sound new. Slow Coming Day is the BEST band you’ve probably never heard of and a rare look at a dictionary definition of the word “underrated”. Celebrate this band and I celebrate today’s release of “The Lost Tapes”. May Slow Coming Day live on for years to come whether that be in memories or future recorded material. Don’t let it die because we are all captivated and we don’t want to watch it fall it apart and I don’t want to watch the loneliness settle in. Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace indeed. Check out the music video for “Truth Behind The Lies” below.

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August 28, 2023 6:54 am

If this album has a rerelease of their song Police and Paramedics, I’ll be a happy man. I’ve been looking for that song for nearly ten years now, but all traces of it are gone and Orion told me he lost the masters and everything for it.

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