Hostile Array - Devoid

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Hostile Array is the new band formerly known as My Ransomed Soul. They return with a powerful new sound and message with a slight shift towards the more political spectrum. Check out the band’s debut video for their new song “Devoid” below. Lyrics can be found after the jump. Recommended for fans of Hundredth, Underoath, and Silent Planet.


Father forgive them, they know not what they’ve done.
They’ve slain and buried Your innocent ones.
Following blindly in the name of faith, disregarding your beloved’s fate.

Why do Your people use Your name to absolve hate?
So many lives ignorance can desecrate.

All the violence and all the pain, all the nations with ground blood stained.
You pray for war, I pray for peace.
The lust for hatred will never cease.

Mothers and daughters, faces that will never be known.
Innocent lives taken by government drones.
Prejudice inspired by their own fears.
Interventionism for the gain of profiteers.

Where is the grief for the innocent tombs?
Or is life only sacred inside of the womb?
Out of sight, out of mind, all the bodies left behind.
Out of touch, out of time, justify all your crimes.

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