Have you heard of Zurisadai?

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Zurisadai (Translated from Hebrew: The Almighty is my rock and strength) are a 3 piece Christian Extreme Metal act hailing from Brazil. FFO: Thrash and Black metal. RIYL: Herd, Hating Evil, and A Hill to Die Upon.

Formed in 2001 these guys are finally getting the attention they deserve! In 2017 they released their full length “The Coming of the Annihilation” on Warrior Records. I personally had spent the past few months trying to find a copy or digital download, and after much searching, found a physical copy available from Joshua Sky runner of skyburnsblack records. (Sidenote: Joshua also has a lot of great Christian music available for “Name Your Price” here: https://skyburnsblackd.bandcamp.com/ and here: https://skyburnsblack.bandcamp.com/.)

You fortunately won’t have to go through all the hunting I did as Vision of God records now has a remastered/remixed version of “The Coming of the Annihilation” available for physical and/or digital copy at their bandcamp page. Zurisadai have also recently released a new single entitled “Rehabilitation” off their upcoming release “World of Illusions”. You can listen and download it for a “Name Your Price” below.

Enjoy, Stay Safe, and Christ Bless You!

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