Ghostbusters Return With a Shivering New Teaser for a Chilly Film Set to Freeze New York

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This is outside the realm of music (well except for that dope 80’s song in the opening) but then again it is Faith AND ENTERTAINMENT With an Independent Perspective, am I right? Anyway, Sony Pictures just dropped a shivering teaser video for “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire” (watch it below). It looks to be a chilly, COLD new film set to freeze those poor folks in New York City in a film that will certainly be a highlight of everyone’s 2024 (unless we’ve blown each other to smithereens and we are walking a real life post-apocalyptic scene which in turn might terrify rather than excite). Well, enough with that depressing random side story, let’s celebrate everyone’s favorite Ghostbusters and relive our nostalgic yearning for the past by embracing a bright and COLD future. Check out the teaser below.

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