Fallstar Finish Up Album 5 - "Sacred Mirrors"

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Fallstar who without a doubt, released one of the hottest full lengths last year titled “Sunbreather” are back yet again WITH A NEW ALBUM! Album #5 will be titled “Sacred Mirrors”. They are again turning to crowd funding to help them finish up the record (like on ‘Sunbreather‘) with things like mixing, indiegogo rewards, music videos + lyric videos, etc, while Facedown Records will again handle all the awesome promotion, advertising, hyping, and additional merch. You can get unique merchandise to this campaign by clicking the link here. So who else hear loves this band and what was your favorite song off “Sunbreather”?

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February 28, 2022 4:42 pm

True! Without a doubt, Sunbreather was one of the best releases. Favorite songs from that record are probably Darko and The meaning in the monster. Looking forward to a new release!

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