Captain the Sky - Hibiscus

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE Captain the Sky "Hibiscus" Music Video

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We’re very humbled to present you with a brand new single from PA’s Captain the Sky. It’s a delectable cocktail of progressive pop rock that’s unashamedly catchy and technical all the same. The track follows nicely on the band’s recent EP and their first full-length, “Mary Celeste”. Here’s what the band had to say:

Hibiscus is the first song we recorded in a studio and didn’t do in our usual DIY fashion. We went to Audiobridge Studios to work with Ryan Wood, and it was an incredible experience. We’re completely ecstatic with the outcome, and we hope you enjoy it too!

Check out the track below and be sure to contribute to the band’s upcoming LP, “The Butterfly Effect”, here on Friday when it goes live.

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