My Epic Begin Tracking New Ep With Matt Goldman

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My Epic have begun tracking their new ep with famed producer, Matt Goldman. This will be the band’s follow up to last year’s wonderful ep “Viscera”. Who else is excited about this upcoming release? Thank you Facedown Records for continuing to support this band and putting out wonderfully spiritual and engaging experimental rock n’ roll from My Epic.

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So stoked for this. This year started out so slow for me with music, but just in the last month or so it’s finally started to ramp up.

Chris S




Mark K

I wish they were full albums because they tell such wonderful stories but I’ll take ep’s. Love the band! Yet is still my favorite.


Cant remember where I heard it, but I’m pretty sure the lead singer said this was
The first of a two part ep (or something like that)

Chandler A.

The My Epic boys want to be consistently putting out music, and they don’t feel like they can do that writing full lengths. They told me their goal was one EP and one tour every year.

Derek O.


Daniel J

Fantastic, can’t wait for more great music from these guys