Demon Hunter to release "Outlive" in March 2017

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Demon Hunter has announced that they are going to release their 8th full-length album, Outlive, in March 2017. The band formed in 2000 with brothers Ryan and Don Clark and Jesse Sprinkle on drums. The band then added on Jon Dunn and Kris McCaddon (ex-Embodyment, ex-The Famine) and the band progressed from there. The band’s current lineup consists of Ryan, Dunn, Guitarists Patrick Judge (The Showdown) and Jeremiah Scott (The Showdown, Destroy Destroy Destroy) and Drummer Timothy “Yogi” Watts (ex-The Lonely Hearts). The band has had this same lineup since 2011, when Scott joined and the band recorded True Defiance (2012) and Extremist (2014). The band has made no statement, nor has Solid State, that they will be releasing the album. Stay tuned for more information.

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I know bands have done crowd funded albums and then either distribute it though a label or the label buys it, but in this case I would be surprised if that happens. I would never have thought Demon Hunter would ever release an album not on Solid State, so the campaign was a shock to me. If this turns out to be anything but an independent release I will be surprised.


Why would you be surprised?


A record label like solid state can easily fund an album from a band like Demon Hunter without any contributions from fans. Asking for fan money upfront and then releasing through a distribution network that solid state has would be pretty shady.

Jacob S.

I’m a little confused by that second-to-last sentence. Do you mean that the album might be released independently:?