Death Requisite Releases "Revisitation"

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The Extreme hybrid metal, Death Requisite, have released their sophomore album, Revisitation, through Rottweiler Records. The band started in 1999 with original guitarist Dave Blackmore. The band released two EPs and their debut album before going on a permanent hiatus. In 2010, the band resurfaced with a new lineup, with the band’s two consistent members. The band’s current lineup includes, Blackmore, William Lee (Drums), Joseph Moria (Guitars), and Vincent St. James (Vocals). The bass position has been revolving as of late, with Bassist RTJ seeming to have left, and Blackmore’s son Gabriel taking over that position. The band is playing a release show with Nomvdic, Lordis, and Holloway Tape. I’m personally holding out hope for a tour, but the likely hood of that is slim.

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Nice find!