Christageddon Release "I Am Who I Am"

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This last week not only saw a new song from Pantokrator, but also we see a new song from Christageddon. An online project, led by Kristian of The Synics Awakening, has brought together musicians from Abated Mass of Flesh, Demonic Extinction, and now Segør from Blood Covenant.


The project has drifted between a few different styles over the years and from how it appears, Segør brings in a heavy symphonic element to the band. Synths that hearken Dimmu Borgir’s own iconic epic symphonic black metal combined with Segør’s own signature guttural snarls and growls create a beautiful yet darkened symphony of holy terror for all who dare to listen and heed the message. The lyrics, very biblical in their content as always, never fail to be an archetype for christian metal lyricists. They even include a spoken word section of Segør quoting John 8:12.

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Other than the name, this is awesome!


They really named the band Christageddon? Wow…

Richard Aguirre

What’s wrong with the name Christageddon?…


Might just be me, but it seems like the clean, Christian version of a name like Deicide or GoreRotted. Trying to sound tough and dangerous, but just coming off as cheesy.

But that’s just my opinion, you’re welcome to disagree.


I agree. The name is kinda dorky. The music itself is solid though!

Segor is very talented! Discovered Blood Covenant a few months back and glad to see more music with him in it!