Christafari - Restore Unto Me (Feat. Avion Blackman)

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These new Christafari music videos are very well done and this latest one is no exception. They are really more like short films than they are traditional music videos. Watch the latest for “Restore Unto Me”, below. The latest Christafari album “Hearts of Fire” is available on CD/Vinyl here, and it is also up on all digital networks. Video can be found below.


RESTORE UNTO ME (feat. Avion Blackman)
WORDS: M. Mohr
MUSIC: M. Mohr, K. Kinsella, J. Nalimu & A. Blackman

Lord I need Your love
Yes I need Your love, Your love

I’m falling down to my knees
Gracious Lord help me please
Falling down before Your throne
Help me Lord, ohh bring me home

Restore unto me, restore unto me
The joy of my salvation (Ps 51:12)
Lord bring back to me, Lord bring back to me
My first love (Rev 2:5)

There was a time not so long ago
When You and I were so close
But since that day
I’ve drifted away from You

I’m going back to my roots
Back to where it started
To the inception
Where You touched my heart
And made me new—Lord (Jer 24:7)

I will REMEMBER the way that it used to be
REPENT of the sins that cause You such grief
RETURN to the things that I used to do with You (Rev 2:5)
That brought such intimacy

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Phil metalhed
October 5, 2017 1:48 am

Duz anybody know wat color the new vinyls r?

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