CHPTRS "Chapter One" Now Available - Post Indie Rock Ambiance

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A new band has formed called “CHPTRS” and they have released their debut titled “Chapter One” through iTunes. This mysterious band features Josh Auer of Pax 217 and formerly of OC Supertones, AVNER. His new band writes the kind of moody, ambient, post indie rock that will enlighten your senses and make for completely memorable listening experience. This is the kind of album you listen to in full from start to finish. They call themselves “Cinematic Indie Rock” which you would definitely agree with upon listening. It is available here on iTunes and they have instagram account here to follow (@wearechptrs). I don’t see a Facebook/Twitter/YouTube yet but you can get the release on a few other networks like Amazon and Google Play so get it where you can. You can also purchase on CD right here. More news to follow.

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