Cast The Dragon release “Annihilate the Adversary”

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Cast the Dragon has released their latest album, “Annihilate the Adversary” on Thumper Punk Records on Sept 18. The album makes for a great listen, full of energy and a message of hope.

Dark, brooding punk rock with a hint of gothic elegance woven throughout 15 blistering tracks.  Joshua Lory’s baritone vocals interplay with anthemic guitars, haunting keyboards and punishing drums.  Uncompromising lyrical content focused on keeping God at the center of all things through Jesus/Yeshua our Messiah.  The band’s full tilt sound is reminiscent of The Damned, TSOL, Misfits, Grave Robber and  Scaterd Few.

Cast The Dragon features singer, bass player, and guitarist Joshua Lory, bass player of LSUnderground/Lifesavers/Michael Knott, Jim Chaffin of The Crucified/the Blamed/Deliverance on drums, and Skot Shaw of Leper on Keys.


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Phil metalhed
Phil metalhed
September 28, 2020 2:58 am

Wow. Came outa nower 4 me, but def gona chek out this supagrup. I think chafin is goin 4 da “most hard workin man in rok” title against roky gray. Sumbody needs 2 do a hed 2 hed count on how many bands/ projects each 1 has, lol.

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