Brinson Announces New Album

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On Friday, April 26, Brinson will be releasing his new album Reversing Tomorrow. No stranger to the hip-hop scene, this will be his 9th solo project; his first album, Escaping Me, was released in 2008. The press release includes some more information about the sound and lyrics:

The song “Aqua Drip” taps into both the author’s affinity for comic book culture and the superhero mythology of the Marine Marvel. Its trap-heavy track blends an ocean’s worth of water references into a believer’s anthem about the confidence the Holy Spirit brings to one’s identity.

“Mind Clear” showcases the artist’s increasing proficiency as a lyricist and even includes a pleasant Easter egg that will be familiar to long-time listeners of Christian hip-hop. Later, Brinson uses a soothing piano loop on “Talk To ‘Em” to straightforwardly address the intersection of faith and mental health.

Elsewhere, “No Rewind” employs a super-catchy chorus to urge the audience to live a life without regrets. Even the non-music skits and interludes emphasize the value Brinson places on a life in service to his Savior.

You can check out the video for “Aqua Drip” below. Brinson’s music is available for streaming on Spotify and Reversing Tomorrow is available for pre-order on iTunes.

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