Audiophile - Cold (New Song Stream)

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Audiophile return with another new song. This one is titled “Cold” and will be available on all digital platforms Friday July 24th. You can listen to this fabulous new song, below.
“I wrote this song about a time where I was recovering from being too emotionally invested in some relationships and friendships that left me burnt out. Personally, I try too hard to make bad things work. After people let you down enough times, you lose hope that there’s anything good left. Your heart starts to harder and you grow cold to good experiences that are happening in your life. It’s a vicious cycle, I know I’m not the only one who has experienced it. Hopefully this song helps.”

Audiophile returns with a new single, this time taking a turn in the indie pop direction. Emo wordplay meets 80’s inspired synths and clean guitar tones with a drum+bass groove inspired by modern pop hits. The band’s new song, Cold, comes after the release of their summer anthem, The Coast. On the contrary to The Coast’s feel-good beach vibes, Cold delivers an introspective need to get through a harsh winter, sending you into the mind of lead singer, Jared Brown:

Audiophile has announced this song will be part two in a three part series called Neapolitan, delivering distinct classic flavors of Audiophile, channeling the energy from their previous release, 2018’s We Can Never Go Back, which is available for streaming everywhere.

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