Abated Mass of Flesh release first single "Infectious Womb"

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The Christian slamming brutal deathcore band (what a genre name, let’s stick with UnDead Metal) band Abated Mass of Flesh has released the first single off of their upcoming sophomore album, Lacerated. The song is titled “Infectious Womb”. The band started in 2011 as a project of Guitarist Zach Plunkett, but became a full band the next year, when Plunkett hired on his brother Matt (Vocals) and friend, Logan Hayworth (Bass). The band then hired on Drummer Kade Dodson and recorded their debut album and released it through Rottweiler Records. The band then switched lineups with of Max Tubville (Bass) and Riley Wingate (Drums) with the addition of second guitarist Thomas Wingate. The band is on the verge of releasing their second album. The song “Infectious Womb” is the debut single for the album and it is available on Bandcamp.

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