Aaron Newberry Returns in 'Kid Again'

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A little-known artist by the name of “Kid Again” (Project of Aaron Newberry formerly of The Tide, and Sons of God/SONS), that is relatively unknown to many but is incredibly deserving of all the appreciation and applause that will come his way. Aaron Newberry is a talented singer-songwriter that writes emotional, and introspective music, that seeks for hope that we are all reaching for while connecting with the listener in a rather simplistic, yet completely surrounding the senses. This is music that escapes categorizing & labels and chases away genre norms. I’ve chatted with Aaron going way back, like 12 years ago or more. He has always been a friend and supporter of the Indie Vision Music website. We reviewed his previous projects and promoted his songs on this very website. I was a fan then and a fan even more so now. Aaron just released his brand new song and first recorded song in 10 years. The song is titled “In You” and can be heard on all digital platforms. Give it a listen below and make sure to comment with your thoughts. This is the first of many more singles to come, stay tuned.

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