7 Bands I've Discovered on Spotify This Year

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Spotify has become my go-to source for discovering new music. Between the personalized playlists, large community, and services that connect with it, Spotify is a great tool for finding your next favorite band regardless of how you listen to music. Here’s a few of my recent discoveries I’ve made on Spotify.


I just discovered CLOUDLAND last week on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist Christian. The alt-rock band hails from Fayetteville, GA and consists of Drake Bunton, Hogan Heim, Zach King, and Karmen Smith. Their new EP Seasons was released last Friday.

2. Kios

I found the pop rock band Kios through Indie Christian Sound on Spotify. The Nashville band is comprised of Cole Suddarth, Aaron Krak, and Mitch Wollenberg. The band has only two singles to there name, but I highly recommend you check out their song “Right Now” if you’re a fan of Knox Hamilton.

3. Apollo LTD

Another New Music Friday Christian find, Apollo LTD is an alternative pop duo from Nashville. Jordan Phillips and Adam Stark released their debut EP titled Out of Body in March. You can check it out below.

4. McAllister

So I didn’t actually discover the Fort Worth, TX based band McAllister on Spotify. More like though Spotify. I got email from the band’s promoter asking that I consider adding the indie rock band’s new single to my Spotify playlist back in April. I only just got around to checking that email address last week. Oops. My apologies to Ty McAllister, Kelsey Barker, Steven Baker, Seth McClure, and Jordan Green for dropping the ball on that one. Here’s their single new “Confidence in Sadness” if want to add it to your playlist.

5. Tree Giants

Can you guess which playlist I discovered Tree Giants on? If you said New Music Friday Christian by Spotify you would be correct. The indie pop duo is made up of Daniel Chrisman and Israel Hindman. You can find the band’s sophomore EP “Human” below.

6. Written in Kings

Written in Kings is a band I found while browsing the the Spotify New-Release Sorting Hat one weekend. The rock band from Cardiff, UK includes Sam Taylor, Joshua Halls, Nathan Beaton, and Ben Taylor. I’d suggest you start by listening to the band’s new single “Baptist” below.

7. LaPeer

One Last Summer” from LaPeer’s new album 90’s Kids turned up on my personal Release Radar playlist last week. The singer/songwriter proved to be a pleasant find. The album is a blend of electronic and organic sounds that cover a variety of genres.

Do you have any bands you’ve discovered on Spotify (or Apple Music, or YouTube Music, or your local record store, or wherever music is discovered these days). Leave a comment sharing your find!

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Jason Eitemiller
June 23, 2018 9:27 am

Thanks for the recommendations, found a few songs to enjoy.

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