Exclusive: Afterimage - Inborn Disintegration

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We are thrilled to premiere the music video for Afterimage’s “Inborn Disintegration”. If you’re unfamiliar with the group they produce a melodic death metal band that blends elements of both American & European styles. If you have yet to pick up their latest album, titled Unveil The Unseen, you are are seriously missing out. For fans of Extol, Scar Symmetry, and Disarmonia Mundi.

Building a monument inverted upon the altar
Preoccupation of the self (continual lapse of consciousness)
I am and there is no one besides me
And we will say, “We have become our own gods.”

Be still (I am)
Silence (I was)
Know that (that I will always be)
Inborn disintegration overcomes us
Denying what we’re meant to be

It is in us to deny submission
Far from the immaterial
Mankind (mankind)
In disarray
Complete – control – collapse

Exaltations for accomplishments of earthly gain
Infatuation with the way of all things peripheral
The reigning ideas – Conventional concepts
Reason alone can never conquer our sins

Be still (I am)
Silence (I was)
Know that (that I will always be)
Is there anything immaculate?
Find a way to uplift the fate

Unworthy of this existence
To once again be given chance to die
And form anew

Inborn disintegration
Denying what we’re meant to be
Complete – control – collapse
Mankind in disarray


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