As Earth Fades - "The Great Falsehood"

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Check out the new lyric video from As Earth Fades, for their track “The Great Falsehood”. Think a little For Today, a little Saving Grace, and mix in some The Agony Scene. I think if you are into alot of Facedown Records bands you’re going to be into this.

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6 Comments on "As Earth Fades - "The Great Falsehood""

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Hope you guys enjoyed that!

Nice. No linx 2 websites?

Phil, here’s the link to their bandcamp page where they have 2 tracks for a name your price and a 3rd track for $1:
You can also find a link to their facebook page there.


Reminds me of a blender mix of As Hell Retreats, Earth From Above, Impending Doom, and Wrenchintheworks. I’m into it.


Only three songs out sadly

Bryce Walburn

I’m into this