Demon Hunter - Cold Winter Sun

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Demon Hunter has been prepping for this new album, Outlive for awhile, and they are on the verge of releasing it. So close, that they released a lyric video for “Cold Winter Sun”. Very melodic. Outlive 2017.

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Unfortunately I was fairly underwhelmed by this song. Sounds like too many other songs done by DH over the last three albums. The guitar work is good, but I don’t find anything else here very exciting.

Smacky X

It’s good. The chorus feels a little underwhelming for me but I love the driving, rhythmic delivery in the verses. Demon Hunter songs almost always grow on me big time, so I might come around on the chorus too haha.


Agreed, it’s not exactly an exciting song, it’s just Demon Hunter. It’s got a natural feel of progression from Extremist, though. Which song does it remind me from that album…I think Artificial Light?

Chris S

Smacky, 1st comment I’ve yours that I’ve seen on IVM so welcome back bro!