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Hey y’all. How are you doing? Well I have a new interview to share with you. Yesterday, I interviewed Wiley Willis of the Positive hardcore band, 2Minute Minor. We talked about hardcore, Chicago, and religion. Hope you enjoy!

How are you guys doing?

We’re good. We just sent out a 7″ to get mastered today and got the art work and inserts finalized. So all is good.

That’s sick! So I have a few questions here. Could you give a quick background on the band?

Sure. I started 2Minute Minor because I was in a band called October Bird of Death from here in Chicago and we are a punk band. I really wanted Octobird to be old school punk.We have old school punk elements at times but we are more progressive punk with old school parts. Anyway….. I started 2MM so I could have that old school hardcore punk vibe in a band. I like Octobird, don’t get me wrong, but 2MM is more of my musical taste. Our drummer is in Octobird as well.

Ok, so October Bird of Death is your project? Are you still in it?

I am still in it, yes. I’m also in the Blamed. I have three bands *Laughs*

Oh really? Cool. What is the band’s discography?

This will be our first album. 8 songs on the 7″. We also are releasing an exclusive track on a Blood & Ink comp for Spirit-filled hardcore and a track on the ZAP Records Friends Volume 3 comp.

Interesting. So do you have the title for the album?

Yes sir. A Goon’s Best Friend.

So are you guys in a label? Or are you independent?

We are on ZAP Records, it’s a DIY label from Glasgow UK.

Ok, I’ve heard of them. To Live As Sons and… I think Octobird is on there correct?

Correct. Along with the Festival Shout, The Old-Timers, Parental Petulance and others. The Scurvies as well.

Ok…I’ve heard of most of those bands. How do you guys label yourselves? Positive hardcore? Christian hardcore? Christian band or Christians-in-a-band type deal.

Good question. We are not all Christians. 3 out of the 5 of us are. I am. Proudly. We call ourselves Positive Hardcore. Our songs are all about being on your path and trying to make the right choices to better yourself and your loved ones. Some of our lyrics are faith based, but that’s because I’m a follower of Christ and I can’t hide who I am. It just comes out. One of our guitar players is Buddhist and his beliefs are all about being positive and focused on love. I actually love our differences. It’s what we stand for. Being different and yet coming together as people. As humans. As friends and brothers.

Ok. The first time I heard about you guys, someone, I think it was Brandon, put it out on IVM. It said Posi hardcore, which is what sparked the question.

Yeah Brandon is a rad dude. He put out some of the new Blamed shirts and pushed the Octobird release, He has a huge heart and loves Lord and music. Bless that guy.

Yeah no kidding. He’s awesome. Shoutout to Brandon Jones for doing awesome work! So you guys are from Chicago correct?

Indeed. We are actually from all over but we all live in Chicago now yes.

That’s cool. Are there any up and coming local bands out there? I personally am into like the hardcore and metal side of things.

I really dig Brick Assassin. They are Hardcore Oi! It’s Kyle from Flatfoot 56 side project. I’m really good friends with Mike and Jason from Anti-World System. Talks of a 7″ Split with them possibly. We still have to run it by everyone actually. *Laughs* Shitizin is a band that is up and coming. Old school female front punk band. Probably one of my favorite bands in Chicago as of now.

That sounds cool. I’ve noticed the punk and hardcore there is usually kind of big there. What do you think?

Yeah there is a good punk and hardcore scene. Decline has really helped us and put us on show hardcore shows. We really owe Decline a shout out more than anything. They are positive and youth crew hardcore. We saw them play with Slapshot and they blew us away. We have played with Decline a couple of times and hope to do more shows with those positive guys. I am a sucker for youth crew straight edge bands being straight edge myself. I really like youth crew hardcore. I wanted to start 2MM to do a band that kinda sounds like the start of hardcore. The rough and raw hardcore skinhead youth kinda vibe, like The Warzone, Minor Threat, Uniform Choice sort of raw vibe.

Minor Threat. Been a longtime since I’ve heard them mentioned anywhere. What gear do you guys use?

Oh man…I’m not sure. Gretch Drums, Orange Bass Cab, and Marshall amps. I bring a taped up mic.

That’s awesome. What bands/artists have you been listening to here lately?

I really only listen to hardcore music, punk and worship. I personally like Warzone, Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Uniform Choice, Bold, Minor Threat, Boston Strangler, Mindset, Rest in Pieces, etc. *Laughs* The only non-hardcore album I’ve been rocking is 6’10. Tobin from Flatfoot 56 folk side project. 6’10 played at our house at JPUSA.

Cool. I’m out of questions. Is there anything else you want to say?

Hope all is well and I greatly appreciate this.

No problem man.

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Steve young
Steve young
May 11, 2017 5:49 pm

Good interview with a solid dude

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