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I recently  conducted another  interview with the  guys of TrustFall. Most of you probably don’t know them, but they have great hearts for God.  They  have no studio-recorded songs, but that does not matter. They play music for the worship aspect, and because they know  it  counts.
–  Please tell me who you are, and what you do in TrustFall, and whether or not TrustFall is your first band ever, and how long you’ve been playing in TrustFall.
Nicky Z- drums – not my first band – creator of Trustfall
Bobby- vocals, keyboard, acoustic – this is my first band – 5 months
Josh- back up vocals, guitar – this is not my first band – 5 months

-I saw on your myspace that TrustFall broke up, then reformed with three new members. Why the initial break-up, and why did you get back together again?
The reason for the break up was because of my move from Michigan down to Florida. I had planned to start Trustfall up when I moved down and find new people but I said forget it leaving Trustfall in the past. So I tried looking for a band already started up (Every single band was either to far away or didn’t like the fact that I was still in high school). During this time I was involved with a church called Calvary Chapel Ft Lauderdale playing drums for the worship team and doing internship work. Getting involved with the worship team at Calvary is where I found Bobby and Josh. I had asked them if they wanted to start a band up we started practicing and I kept the name Trustfall because it meant a lot to me and it had a following already.

-I was just curious as to your ages? Not exact ages, but you know, are you in high school, college, have you graduated both, or what?
Do you have full or part-time jobs?

I’m 19 out of high school class of 07 (whoop) and I am currently doing home improvement stuff and a 3yr internship doing youth ministry at Calvary Chapel Ft Lauderdale
I’m graduated and doing firefighting and paramedic work.
I’m still in high school I’m a waiter and a music teacher

-How and when did TrustFall form? Have you gone through many, if any, member changes since you began?

Trustfall actually started up in Livonia Michigan 30min from Detroit, rock city. I had gotten the name from an experience at a summer camp called a Trustfall where you stand on a picnic table or something high and fall backwards having people catch you symbolizing your trust in God. Once I got the name, I rounded up a bass player by the name of Ben Dage (who I went with to youth group every week), a guitar player, Steve Becker (friend I hung around at school with) the other guitar player (Tim) and the singer
(Justin) the bass player was friends with. So when we got our crew together we started practicing, writing songs, and eventually playing shows. Trustfall was originally a hardcore band until it changed into a completely different genre.

-Do you have any plans of recording any E.P.s, full-lengths, or the like?
We are currently writing new material and hope to have something out soon.

-Does TrustFall hope to get signed someday? Do you have a dream label or producer?

There are no limits on how far we can go. It will be whatever god has in store for this band we could win a Grammy or just play around Florida. It’s just whatever happens… happens.

-What do you ultimately hope to accomplish as far as musical careers go?

I love song writing and like leading worship and how it effects the youth spiritually.
I would like to do music part time but not as a full career in music. I like leading kids in worship.
My main goal in life is to be successful in music, which would be to make a living playing music.

– Another thing that I saw on your myspace is that you are working on setting up your first real show. How is that coming along?
We are pumped to the max about this. We went a couple weeks ago to check out a worship night called “Revolution” where 700+ youth and their youth groups get together around the county area and worship. We met with the youth pastor and we are set up to play next “Revolution”. What’s so cool about it is every single person is worshiping either by raising their hands, jumping, shouting. It should be an amazing first show.

-What are your interests apart from music?
Moving down to Florida I picked up boogie boarding, fishing, and snorkeling. I am also a guitar hero expert
I play soccer, track and running are awesome but music is my main interest
Weight lifting working out sports

-What’s playing in your iPod/stereo right now?
In my car cd player is both devil wears prada cds and relient k
Right now I love listening to new music by jimmy eat world and the devil wears pradas new album “plagues”
Relient k, Anberlin

-What are your favorite bands to listen to?
Just recently saw anberlin in concert with nick they put so much energy into there shows everyone was moving
the devil wears prada, jimmy eat world, dashboard confessional, hillsong united, the chariot, haste the day, the glorious unseen, I listen to anything with a positive message
Mutemath is really awesome to listen to

-What is the best record of 2007? (This is the question I will ask in every interview I have the opportunity to do for the rest of December.)

THE BEST RECORD of 07 for me is “plagues” by the devil wears prada 2nd would be the glorious unseen album. There are still some cds I need to listen to that I’m going to get for Christmas but I don’t think anything could top that.
Anberlins new cd “Cities” is my favorite album this year love the loops and dynamics of all the songs
Relient k’s cd is pretty amazing there new Christmas album is sweet too

-How can I pray for TrustFall?

Our main goal is just to spread a positive message and help people have a stronger faith through our music. Our music could lead some one to accept Jesus Christ as there savior which is the ultimate. We encourage everyone who reads this to pray for our
Ministry, let god use us anyway he can, radically change peoples faith and lead people to god.

-Last Words/Final Comments

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