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So yesterday I interviewed Tony Luktish of the death metal band As They Sleep. We talked about his injury, the new ATS album, some of the local acts of Detroit, and some old band’s of his. I hope you enjoy!

How are ya man?

I’m doing pretty good still recovering from my Heel injury. All in all pretty good considering.

Yeah you mentioned that, what did you do there?

I work for a transport company that moves Cars and Trucks for Ford Motor Co. around the Country. I get to load Ford Mustangs onto trains for transport. A rainy day back in Sept 2016 lead me to slipping off the ladder of the train while getting down after loading a vehicle. I dropped 15-16 Ft on onto my feet landing on cement. Causing me to break both of my Heel Bones. I was very lucky to only escape with those injuries. Things could have been a lot worse.

Man, that has to suck. Be praying for ya. You feeling any better?

Everyday is different. I have never been hurt to this level before. I have no idea how any of this goes. I try to stay as positive as possible! I would like to Thank you for your prayers! That means a lot sir!! A whole lot of people have been praying for me as well. It helps me keep my head up in this Times. I have been back on the Drums for a few months now. Feeling better everyday. Trying to get back up to speed. I’m playing comfortably at 220 BPM right now. Trying to get back up to 260 BPM.

Man that’s crazy. Well I have some questions for ya here. Could you give a quick background on As They Sleep?

Well As They Sleep is a Death Metal band that consists of 5 guys from “ALL “around the Detroit, MI area. Just 5 working class guys Jamming some aggression out through Death Metal! We used to be signed to Solid State Records. My background of the band only goes back to 2009. Anything before that I wouldn’t be able to touch on. Haha!

Haha yeah makes sense. So you joined in 2009? So that means you’ve only been on Dynasty correct?

Yes that is correct.

Ok. You’ve been in two other bands, Decrypt and Mutilation. Why did you leave those bands?

Ohhh man! You have done your homework. That’s a good question. I loved playing for both those bands!! Mutilated was my first signed band I ever had the chance to play for. I enjoyed every minute of it! The good and the bad. I parted ways with them when my good friend Zach Gibson came home from touring with Black Dahlia Murder. He had been playing drums for them before myself and was a much better fit for Mutilated. The all mighty DECRYPT!!! Still to this day I am a huge fan of Decrypt. (RIP) It was more than a honor to play for them. I still love those guys like brothers. It was the most fun, crazy, and fast band I have ever played with. I was kinda forces to quit due to lack of funds and being 20 years old haha And touring a ton!

Alright. Pretty sick! So As They Sleep has been working on a new album, which I believe is going to be called The Hallowed Abstract, since 2013 or so. What’s going on there?

Lots of things! This has been long awaited I know. Trust me, it’s killing me too. I want it finished and out already!! I’m not sure if you know or not but our guitar player Nick Morris has been working with Luxor Records producing tons of bands and music. Our Singer Aaron has moved to Florida. I starting taking my career in the auto industry very serious and now I’m getting through my injury. I guess life has really caught up to us after 2014. We are all husbands and fathers. It gets harder to go out of the road or find the time to write or practice. After getting injured all I can think about is my family and music!

Yeah I heard about both. Nick and Luxor have some AWESOME bands! Personally I love Broken Flesh and Toarn. Actually met the Broken Flesh dudes. Awesome. I did hear Aaron moved down to Florida also. But just curious, how far into the album have you guys gotten?

I love Broken Flesh and Toarn! We met both those bands on the road over the years and they always killed it!! Brandon Lopez is the Man on the Drums!! I would say we are about 3/4 of the way done with the album. It’s a waiting game with Nick’s studio nowadays. I can tell you it will be out this year FOR SURE!!! Haha!

Good to know!! I can’t wait! The album is called The Hallowed Abstract correct? Or was that the working title?

As far as I know Yes! That’s what we are still calling her. Aaron and Nick are the ones who handle those matters honestly.

Yeah makes sense. What kind of gear do you use?

I play Taye Drums. They endorsed me back in 2012. I have played Taye Drums since 2001 So it was a easy choice to endorse them. I LOVE Paiste and Sabian Cymbals!! I also use Axis Pedals, Evans Heads, and Promark Sticks.

Huh, I’ve never heard of Taye drums. That’s interesting. Learn something new everyday!

They are awesome! Amazing Sounding Drums and a Amazing company to work with!! Couldn’t ask for any better.

Awesome! So are there any local bands near you?

Yes there are lots of local bands! Have you ever heard of Forsake the Fallen? They are on Luxor.

Yeah I actually have heard of them. Haven’t listened to them but yeah I’ve heard of them.

One of my favorites around here. The singer is has a amazing voice.

I’ll check em out!

Do it! Haha!

So who have ya been listening to lately?

The last few years I have been really digging Fallujah. Also another Local Detroit Band “Sh*t Life”. Stupid Fast Grindcore!! They just had a new one album come out. Rotten Sound, Wormed, Nasum, Dying Fetus, Veil of Maya, Rittz, Tech N9ne etc. Haha!

Nice! Is there anything else you’d like to say?

I’d like thank you for your time and loving Metal so much I was not expecting to hit with Decrypt today. Too cool!! And feel free to hit me up anytime!

Thank you for your time man! Will do! Tell me whenever you guys play Indy next and I’ll try and make it!

Thanks man!! I hope we make it out there soon! I’m dying to play shows again! We have a lot of friends in Indy too!!

Sick! Thanks again for your time!

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Zac Zinn
March 1, 2017 10:03 am

Glad these guys are putting out another album. Dynasty seemed to go by way too unnoticed. It was just classic death metal the way it should be done

March 1, 2017 11:57 am
Reply to  Zac Zinn

Agreed. The only other Christian band I’ve heard nail metal of that caliber quite so well is probably the Burial.

I had honestly thought these guys were dead and gone so it’s awesome to hear that something new is coming.

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