This Armistice

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An email interview with Chris Brown, now former bass player of This Armistice. Get to know this up-and-coming band below.

First off, since you’ll be new to most of our readers, can you give a short back-story of the band?

We became a band about 3 years ago going through many lineup changes to find the right combination. Once we settled into a 4 piece we became more serious and started writing heavy trying to find unique style of “heavy chill” music.

Who are the various members of the band and what instruments do they play?

Justin Barber – Vocals/Guitar
Josh Douglas – Drums
Chris Carlson – Guitar
Chris Brown – Bass

How did you come up with the name This Armistice? Is there any significance or meaning behind it?

TREOS is awesome and gave us the idea and we really fell in love with the idea of the name being and what the word stands for. For those not familiar with the word it means a cease-fire, or lying down of arms while you discuss terms of peace. It symbolizes talking through problems instead of fighting.

You guys are from Kingsland, GA. How is the overall music scene there?

The scene is not very fluent so we travel out of town a good bit. There is a wonderful group of supporters for our band in town however.

Describe your overall sound.

We describe our style as “heavy chill”

Who are your bands biggest influences musically and lyrically?

TREOS, Thrice, Circa Survive, Outkast and As Cities Burn musically. There is not a band that really influences me lyrically; we just try to derive lyrics from everyday experience and situations.

You guys recently released your EP, (New Breath + New Heartbeat) = Change. What kind of feedback have you been getting on it?

We have had great feedback after the release. People have been ordering it from all over the country, which has been a very pleasant surprise.

Where did you record?

We recorded at Martell Studios with Stan Martell.

Was that your first time recording? How did the recording process go?

It was our first serious time in this band. We had recording a couple of demos at smaller studios. It was more time consuming as expected but well worth it for us.

Reading through your blogs it seems that the writing and recording process for the EP took quite awhile. Have you been working on any new material since completing it?

Our lead guitarist actually left during the middle of the recording and that is the main reason it took us so long to finish it. He was a very difficult person to replace in the band and it took a while to find the right person to fit with us musically and personally. We have been working on new material but do not have a current schedule to go record. We are however starting to play new songs in our live sets.

Let’s talk about your songwriting process. Do you write your material as a group or is there a primary songwriter? What about the lyrics?

The song writing process we do as a group. Justin writes the lyrics.

Since This Armistice is a part-time gig right now, what do you guys do? Would you do the band full-time if you could?

We work full time jobs and our guitarist Chris goes to school. Our goal is to play music full time.

What kind of touring experience do you have? I see that you play in your hometown and into Jacksonville, FL as well. Have you been able to do much touring beyond those areas?

Mostly we play in FL, GA, and SC. Hopefully we will be able to get on the road soon!

Who are some current bands that you would really like to tour with.

We would love for TREOS to reunite and take us on tour! Dance Gavin Dance would be awesome, or maybe Circa Survive or Thrice.

Do you consider This Armistice to be a band made up of Christians or more ministry focused?

We are a band of Christians and just try to live our lives as examples.

Are there any particular goals that you would like to achieve as a band?

Getting signed to the right label would be ideal, but touring full-time and being able to make a living off of it would be awesome.

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Our fans our awesome and we love them for it.