Shine Bright Baby

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Newest artists to the BEC Recordings roster, Shine Bright Baby release their debut album ‘Dreamers’ on July 23rd, which features the hit single ‘Beautiful Love’. Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing the band via email, discussing the influences of the band and their process in writing their first album. Below is the interview questions and responses from Emily (lead singer), Nathan (guitars) and Joshua (guitars/keyboards).

Question 1. Even though Shine Bright Baby is a relatively new band in relation to the debut label project ‘Dreamers’ releasing July 23rd this year, the band has certainly been around before 2013, releasing a few EPs and also a few music videos too. For those who don’t know the band Shine Bright Baby, can you share a bit of history of how the band was formed? 

At Taco Bell. Okay, not really but we did spend a lot of time there in the first year of SBB. In 2007, Emily and I helped lead worship for our youth group and after practice we would hang around and write music together just for fun. After going through a few band member changes we came together with the core group we have now at the end of 2009. We recorded some of the songs we were playing live but always wanted to put out a full length but not until we could do it right. Signing with the label helped us achieve that dream. -Nathan

Question 2. What motivates the band (as a group and individually) to create and perform music every day together?

In my opinion, nothing motivates us greater than hearing that our music has helped somebody in some aspect. God has blessed us so richly, none of us ever thought that our love of music would progress beyond a hobby. Because of that, it’s incredibly humbling to hear that our songs have made a difference in somebody’s life. We have always felt under qualified to be in the position that we’re in but God has given us a platform to share His message, so for us it only feels intuitive to continue this journey that we’ve been on.  -Joshua

Question 3. Your musical sound incorporates a number of genres, from rock to contemporary pop to ballads, reminding me of other similar styled artists like BarlowGirl, Superchick, Addison Road and Stellar Kart. How is the musical sound on Dreamers? What has changed in terms of musical and lyrical content in relation to your last album The Heart and its Hope? What has stayed the same?

Every collection of recordings we have ever released has been unique and diverse. Anyone who takes time to listen through our older material will hear it. Dreamers is the same in that way. I think it’s natural for any artistic person to progress in their work. Though I love our previous songs, I feel like Dreamers is more advanced in every way…we have stretched into new territories. The Heart and Its Hope was written and recorded when I was 19. We have grown as musicians and as songwriters. And I hope whatever album follows this one is a continued progression.  -Emily

Question 4. You have had quite a journey throughout the last few years, with many hit songs like ‘Dare to Dream’, ‘This Picture’ and ‘Hourglasses’. What makes you the most excited and eager with anticipation about your forthcoming album?

Thank you! Those songs have definitely done well for us the last couple years. This album has been in the works for so long I think we can all say that we are just excited to finally let people hear what we’ve been working on. We are really proud of these songs. -Emily

Question 5. It must be great to share a record label with fellow artists Manafest, Adam Cappa, KJ-52, Bebo Norman and Jessa Anderson. Are there any bands within your label (or outside your label) that you admire, or that you’d like to tour with someday if given the chance? 

There are many artist that I admire, especially the ones who have been doing this for many years. We are honored to be a part of such an awesome label family – we are in the company of many great artists, past and present from BEC. Though I don’t get starstruck easily it would be pretty cool to tour or even meet some the artists I grew up listening to. We got to write with Stephen from Anberlin, even though the song didn’t end up on the record that was definitely cool. -Emily

Question 6. The first single from the album is ‘Beautiful Love’. From first listen, the song speaks about embracing the love that Christ continuously gives us everyday. What is the significance of the first radio single as a band and personally as well?

Absolutely! It’s about coming to that epiphany that nothing is as astounding & perfect as the love of Christ, & when you embrace it, your life will change forever. This song is significant for several reasons. For me, this song serves as a constant reminder. Because I’m human, I fall short everyday. I will never be perfect & sometimes I tend to dwell on my past mistakes too much. ‘Beautiful Love’ serves as a reminder that I shouldn’t dwell on my mistakes because Christ doesn’t see them, He has forgiven & redeemed me completely! For the band this song is significant because sonically & conceptually it represents a new direction for us that we’re very excited about!  -Joshua

Question 7. If the listeners can absorb at least one thing from ‘Beautiful Love’ (and from the album in general), what could it be? 

Empowerment. When you have finished track 10 our goal was that the listener would feel hopeful, inspired and empowered. We are continuously thankful for the opportunity to live out our dreams and let God use us. We want that same thing for everyone who listens to this record.  -Emily

Question 8. Who has influenced Shine Bright Baby the most throughout the band’s history? 

Musically? I am sure this answer would be different for each of us as we all come from different music backgrounds. For myself, I enjoy lots of styles of music and appreciate anything interesting and done with excellence. The music we write will usually, in part, reflect what we are listening to at the time. For past records I listened to more alternative rock and pop punk. With the extensive songwriting for this album I diversified my listening into more electronic driven music and pop. I am personally a big fan of Katy Perry, Shiny Toy Guns, Tegan & Sara and anything by Bethel/Jesus Culture. -Emily

Question 9. What have been Shine Bright Baby’s favourite songs to write/perform from the album (or ones that were the most difficult to write)? Which songs from the album has God spoken to the band about; or even to yourselves individually, about where He is leading you for the rest of the year?

For me, all the new material is fun to perform cause its new and fresh. Watching the recent response to Beautiful Love and seeing people start to sing along has been so cool. Lyrically, Dreamers, Beautiful to You and The Brave Ones resonate the most with me. These songs came straight out of my journal during my quiet times with The Lord. We have goals and plans but at the end of the day we know that God put us here. It was not by our own striving. We want to be surrendered to His will for wherever and however He wants to use us. -Emily

Question 10. What has God been teaching Shine Bright Baby lately through Scriptures, other people, or the media? Is there anything that can be shared that the band has learnt collectively or individually, and can listeners identify with anything spoken over the band in an individual or collective sense that can be both applicable to listeners as well as the band as a whole? 

I know that we are all here for a reason. We tell people this is God’s band because its true – there is no way we would be here without His constant guiding hand and favor. We know He has a plan for Shine Bright Baby if we maintain our focus on Him. It’s as simple as that.  There is so much value in letting go of our pre-arranged life plans and allowing God just to use you. -Emily

Question 11. For those who are reading this interview who could be feeling down or worried or anxious about their life circumstances, what advice can you give them? Also to young musical artists wanting to break into the music industry via a label signing, is there any advice that you can give as to how to succeed in the industry yet also keep your beliefs, values and integrity intact?

For young artists out there – signing to a label is not the goal. It was never ours because we saw so many other bands chasing after it like a trophy. Master your craft first, work your tail off, and never give up. My dad told me if you want to live your dreams you have to work twice as hard as everyone else. And it’s true but in the process never forget why you love it and always surrender it to God. You may think you have a plan for your life but let God use your gifts and efforts! He will guide you but be prepared to hold on for a crazy ride! -Emily

Question 12. What do you do as a band in your down-time (if you do have any between shows etc…)? Listen to any good music or watch any good TV shows?

When we are home we still practice once a week in the same place we have since the very beginning. We have side jobs, along with family and friends that we like to visit with. I love catching up on the latest music and movies that are out (the dollar theatre rules for people like me who are always behind on latest releases!). But the first thing I do when I am home is sleep…and hang out with my cat, Mister Kitty.  -Emily

Question 13. Is there anything else that you would like to add that hasn’t been covered in this interview yet? Any parting words, encouragements or even confronting pearls of wisdom you are willing to part with and hopefully impact the readers of this interview with?

Musically, there is something for everybody on this record & we would love it if you gave it a listen when it comes out in July! But more importantly than that we hope that our journey can empower, & inspire both younger & older generations alike. Do not be afraid to follow God’s calling on your life. – Emily

Be sure to check out the review of the album sometime this coming week. Their music video for ‘Beautiful Love’ can be viewed here.