Our Departure Project

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I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ben Cook of Our Departure Project on May 12, 2007 after his show with The Wolverines in Miami, Florida. For the latest information, tour dates, or to purchase Our Departure Project’s debut EP titled This Story Will Show You please visit www.myspace.com/ourdepartureproject. Interview by: Julio D. Anta

What’s your name and what do you do?

Ben Cook: My name is Ben Cook, I play guitar and sing. I’d like to get a full band together but it’s just me for right now.

The records are more than just guitar and vocals right?

BC: Yeah, the recordings I did with a friend of mine who was in the band when I lived in Jacksonville, Florida. He did some percussion, second guitar and harmonies.

Have you ever played under your name or other alias’?

BC: Yeah, when I first started around a year and a half ago the name was “To Live And Die In Dixie” which was kinda goofy so I changed it to Our Departure Project. I’ve been Our Departure project for a year now. I’ve only really been playing out for about six months now.

Where does the band name come from?

BC: The band name is really a metaphor for life. Our Departure Project is speaking of the Christian life. We’re not really here for this life, we’re really here in preparation for our future everlasting life. So, Our Departure Project is our life here on earth.

What are your musical influences?

BC: I listen to everything from folk music like Rocky Votolato, he’s amazing, and Iron and Wine, Sufjan Stevens, to Metal.

So what would you say is your biggest influence?

BC: Musically, probably Sufjan Stevens. Lyrically, I would have to say mewithoutYou. Aaron Weiss is an amazing lyricist. I can only dream to be something like him.

Like mewithoutYou, Our Departure Project is a Christian band right?

BC: Yes, definitely proclaiming the name of Christ everywhere I go. Like I said, the name itself speaks of what we’re hear to do. Lyrically my music is mostly situational. My friend just got married so I wrote him a song for his wedding. The song is geared towards a husband and wife serving each other here on earth. The husband is supposed to be the example of Christ, and his wife is the church.But my goal for the next coming months and my summer break off of school is to write songs specifically taken from the Bible, not situational.

The Bible says that God’s words will not return void. So what better way to share the gospel than to use the book rather than your own situations. I think the strongest effect’s are the words of Christ.

Do you see a concept album coming out of that in the future?

BC: Maybe eventually, but really it’s just going to be song’s taken out of specific parts of the scripture. I want to eventually do an entire album based on the book of James because it’s a really awesome book. It’s the proverbs of The New Testament.

Any plans for the future?

BC: Well, I’m at school in the University of Mobile, so I want to write and record some new stuff this summer and hopefully get a full band together so we can tour during the breaks and stuff.

Any final words?

BC: I don’t think so, just thanks for doing this interview and continue enjoying my music.


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