My Epic

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An interview with the band, My Epic
Interview by: Cory for Indie Vision Music

My Epic. A rising star in the scene, which the members have been in many tours of duty. They started out in high school garage bands then moved on to raging hardcore/metal bands. These guys have put those things to rest and have come to find a mature, progressive sound that is pleasing to the ears and heavy on the heart. The up and coming band has heart for God and a hand for music. And I had the pleasure of interviewing my good friends in our collective hometown of Fredericksburg, Virginia. The members of the band include: Aaron Stone- guitar and vocals; Travis Brooks- guitar; Jeremiah Austin- bass; Jesse Stone- drums; and formally Matt Hogan- guitar.

Cory IVM: So give a brief history about your band.

Aaron: Matt, Jesse, and I played in the bands Right Wing Conspiracy and Shaddai. After those bands broke up we started over as a brand new band and we needed a bass player. We prayed about it and asked Jeremiah to join. Travis was in the band Aldora at the time. We prayed about it and after Aldora broke up we asked Travis to join. We played our first show with Forever Changed.

Cory IVM: Speaking of Travis, you recently just added him to your roster. How has he brought energy or creativity to the band?

Collectively: Travis brings the mosh!
Jesse: Travis has more of a metal influence, while Aaron is more riff influenced.
Aaron: He pushed everyone live. We now split the guitar writing process 50/50.
We wanted to make sure he would fit in with us because we were a brotherhood, but when he joined it was like he had always been there with us.

Cory IVM: How do you guys feel with Matt leaving and you guys going from a five piece back to a four piece band?

Aaron: Matt is an awesome dude and we love him to death. It’s like a piece of our heart is missing without him. We didn’t want him to leave but it was God’s will. He has a job as an architect and it was hard for him to devote time to the band and his career. So after some prayer he left the band. We wish him the best of luck.

Cory IVM: The main thing that drives us at Indie Vision Music is our faith in God. What are your views on Christian music and what makes up being a Christian band? (Ministry, Christians in a band, a few Christians in the band…etc)

Travis: We are Christians. What makes our band Christian are our lyrics. We are musicians that write about what is most important in our lives.
Aaron: We are very ministry oriented. We don’t judge other bands, but we feel that we are called. Plus we get to be closer to our creator.

Cory IVM: If you could choose any bands (together, or broken up), and anywhere to go on tour, who would you play with and where?

Collectively: Anywhere that pays gas money.
Travis: We would love to play with bands that have influenced us. Bands like As Cities Burn, Hopesfall, and Imogen Heap.
Jesse: Also Living Sacrifice (RIP), Beloved (RIP), and Thrice.
Jeremiah: And Mars Volta, Moneen, Further Seems Forever (RIP), Anathallo, and Forever Changed.

Cory IVM: How will My Epic be different from your previous expeditions as musicians?

Aaron: We chose the name My Epic because we strive for our music to be epic sounding, and we wanted to write an epic story for God. We wanted to reach out to a wider range of an audience.
Travis: We are at a level of maturity beyond our previous high school punk bands.

Cory IVM: What can we expect from My Epic in the future?

Jeremiah: Whatever God wants.
Aaron: Being more professional and a good label.

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