Your Memorial

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Blake from Facedown Records newest band, Your Memorial, takes some time to answer some questions

How long have you guys been playing together?
A little more than 4 years.

Who are some of your musical influences?
We are influenced by a wide range of genres and artists. Anyone from This Will Destroy You to Meshuggah or even John Mayer. Too many to list!

Your first album, Seasons, was a really good album. How is the new album the same or different from it?
Thanks! We felt like we did some really good things on ‘Seasons’ but there were also areas where we felt could evolve. ‘Seasons’ had some memorable riffs, vocal lines, and a variety of instrumental tracks. We really wanted to branch off of those ideas, but we felt the song structures could be stronger. We took those ideas into the writing process for ‘Atonement’ and we all felt like we achieved our goals, and also ended up with a few new surprises that you’ll have to hear for yourself when the album comes out on November 23rd.

What was it about Facedown that made Your Memorial Want to sign with them?
Over the years we’ve played a lot of shows with a variety of different bands, many of which have been signed with Facedown. We’ve heard nothing but good things about Jason and the entire Facedown family, and when we talked with Jason we knew Facedown was the place for us.

What was the writing process like for Atonement? How does your faith fit into the music/lyrics?
We had a couple demos coming into the initial writing process for ‘Atonement’, as time went on new songs were written and others re-written to achieve what we felt was the best flow for the album. Our faith is a daily walk and that goes into every aspect of our writing process. From the lyrics for the album to the instrumentals, its who we are.

Do you guys have any plans to add a 2nd guitarist?
“We do not” – as quoted from the character Dr. Jonas Miller, from the blockbuster major motion picture “Twister”

What tour(s) do you have lined up to promote the new album?
We are currently on the “Sinners & Saints” tour until November 14th. Following this tour we will hit the road with A plea for Purging and Within The Ruins for the “The Mosh Potatour” which starts December 1st through the 15th. Come hang out with us!

What have been some of your favorite shows you’ve played so far?
Home shows are always a blast for us. Skip’s birthday show in Kansas City at Heartland Church last year was crazy. This years Sonshine Fest was especially ridiculous too.

Which do you enjoy more, playing small local shows or larger festivals like Sonshine?
We love playing any show, but nothing really compares to Sonshine!

Is there anything about Your Memorial that the average fan doesn’t know and should?
We always are looking for the best after show eatery and late night restaurant. If we play in your city, come let us know where your favorite spot is in town and lets hang out!

Your Memorial is:
Willy – Guitars
Blake – Vocals
Tommy – Drums
Skip – Bass

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