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Drummer Chris Ferraro of Serianna took some time to answer some questions. If you haven’t already check out their debut full length, Inheritors, on Bullet Tooth Records.

Where are you guys from and how did you come about being Serianna?
We are from Madison WI, and Chris Nutting is actually from Chicago IL. James and I went to High school together and started playing shows in bands around the area together. Lee came along after our bass player quit, and Kris was actually just someone that saw us at a show we played in Madison. Our old rhythm guitarist quit, so I talked to Kris on MySpace (this was during the pre-Facebook era) and he was a perfect fit. It was actually a very similar story for Chris Nutting. We played a show with his band outside of Chicago; we met him doing while he was doing dashboard confession covers. I think you can still find those videos somewhere on YouTube, He was also a perfect fit!

What’s the meaning behind the band name “Serianna”?
The guitarist Jason Becker had a song called Serriana (you can find really cool videos of it on YouTube.) The name was our take on that name. Jason’s whole story is very inspiring. He faced huge obstacles and never gave up, and is one of the best guitar players I’ve ever seen.

What made you guys choose Bullet Tooth?
Bullet Tooth chose us! We were sending our songs out to many labels, and Josh Grabelle was really really excited about them. He genuinely liked our album and us and what we were doing. So Bullet Tooth was an easy place for us to call home. Once again, everything was a perfect fit.

Who did you record your album with and why them?
We have spent the last year or more recording this cd at JTW studios in Wisconsin, with Joel Wanasek. He is just awesome at what he does, and it was always fun. Recording never felt like chore, it was always laughs and heavy music! I recommend Joel to everyone I know looking to record.

With everyone and their brother complaining about how stale the metal/hardcore scene has become, what have you guys done to make yourselves stand out or be unique?
We have never really worried about what other bands are doing, or what people are saying. We did our best to write and record a really good metal-core album. Metal-core is our favorite kind of music, and our focus was to write intense, well-written songs.

If you guys could only listen to one album while on a national tour, which one would make you snap first? Justin Bieber (pick an album) or the Spice Girls – Spice album?
Haha! I think we would choose the spice girls. If you have to listen to a girl sing, it might as well actually be a girl.

What kind of touring plans do you have to promote the new album?
We just got back from a short two week east coast tour, and we have a short three day run with Woe, Is Me on August 4th 5th and 6h. We are also about to announce some longer full U.S. tours for the next few months. I don’t really have the specifics now, but we are hoping to be on the road as much as possible. We are all really excited to meet as many fans as possible.

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