Mercy Screams

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Recently signed to Red Cord Records, Mercy Screams takes some time to tell us a little bit about who they are.

So tell us a little bit about the history and experience of Mercy Screams.
(Jeremiah) It all began as a jam band back in 2006, when our vocalist joined a nameless band and came up with the name Mercy Screams. After playing house shows and parties, he wanted the guys to take it to a more professional level. After some member changes they started playing more legit shows and recorded their first E.P., “Self Titled”. As the band progressed, we had more and more problems with what direction we wanted the band to go, and once again lost members. In 2007, Ian Scott, a guitarist and drummer, joined the band on guitar. So we picked up where we left off and started writing again. We then recorded our next E.P., ”Death Defies us all”. Mercy Screams didn’t become a Christian band until December of 2007 when the our vocalist Jeremiah and guitarist Ian were at a show that Blessed is He played. Both were touched by God and gave their lives back to the Lord, and they decided to change Mercy Screams for the better. Since then, the band has gone through a couple more member changes, but in the last year and half been blessed with a solid lineup with musicians that all share the same vision and style.

What was recording/mixing of Pathways like? Was the studio experience different than you imagined it would be? Any good memories from that experience?
(Aaron) The studio was a blast were all a bunch of jokers so it was most definitely a fun time, recording and mixing in a legit studio was an awesome experience and gave us more freedom to try new things with the EP

How does your faith fit into your lyrics/music?
Jeremiah’s lyrics are very personal and relates a lot on things he’s been through trying to find God and himself

What bands influenced you guys?
Jeremiah: From a Second Story Window, Life in Your Way, Norma Jean, The Acacia Strain, On Broken Wing’s and Dead to Fall
Ian: Silverstein, For the Fallen Dreams and Haunted Shores
Aaron: For Today, Underoath, August Burns Red, Darkest Hour and As i Lay Dying
Kyele: Joey Jordison (Slipknot), Buddy Rich, Animal (The Muppets) and Oceano
Zach: Hundredth, Take it Back and Comeback Kid

What has been your favorite show so far?
As i Lay Dying and Unearth

Who are some big names you have shared the stage with?
Here’s a couple (For the complete list, checkout their MySpace):

A Day To Remember Despised Icon Sleeping Giant
A Plea for Purging Destroy the Runner Take It Back
Advent For Today Texas in July
As Cities Burn Gwen Stacy The Chariot
As I Lay Dying Haste the Day The Color Morale
August Burns Red Hundredth The Crimson Armada
Becoming the Archtype Impending Doom The Ghost Inside
Before There was Rosalyn In the Midst of Lions The Glorious Unseen
Before Their Eyes Inhale Exhale The Great Commission
Blessed By A Broken Heart Life in Your Way The Wedding
Black My Heart Maylene and the Sons of Disaster Versa Emerge
Black Dalhia Murder Memphis May Fire War of Ages
Call To Preserve MyChildern MyBride With Blood Come Cleansing
Close Your Eyes Oceana Within the Ruins
Demon Hunter Oh Sleeper

Anything embarrassing ever happen to any of you guys during a show?
(Kyele) Recently we were playing a show and our bassist had the worst time ever first he ripped is pants while getting low then his strap broke trying to fix it. He backed up too far and fell off stage it was so funny!

So you guys just signed to Red Cord Records, how did that all come about?
Through you guys THANKS!!!

Who are you currently listening to?
Jeremiah: Bring me the Horizons new album, For Today, (The New) Oceana, Die Antwoord and Eminem
Ian: The Contortionist, Underoath, Eminem, Lil Wayne and Attack Attack
Aaron: In the Midst of Lions, The Color Morale, Close your Eyes, Stray from the Path and Miss May I
Kyele: Ghost Inside, Rooks, The Plot in You, Eminem and Suffokate
Zach: Hundredth, Kid Liberty, Twelve stones, Breaking Bejamin and For Today

Anything else about Mercy Screams that someone outside your local scene should know about you guys?
(Jeremiah) We have a new album coming out in the new year and will be touring so come check us out in your town.

Mercy Screams is:
Ian – Guitar
Jeremiah – Vocals
Aaron – Guitar
Kyele – Drums
Zack – Bass

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