Meet Brett Callaway (Guitars & Vocals) of Close Your Eyes

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What has been the fan reaction to We Will Overcome?
I think there are always mixed reactions to albums. There are always going to be some people out there that have something bad to say. But, for the most part the reaction to the album has been great! We have been extremely pleased with how much people have liked this album! I am very grateful for that!

Did you think it would be as popular as it has become?
I honestly had no clue how it was going to do. It was our first full length. I had high hopes for it, but really I was just focused on making the album as solid as possible.

How do you guys find time for your Faith on the road?
We really have to hold each other to it. We make sure that we pray together every night and just always try to keep focused on the plan that God has for our lives.

Who are your musical influences?
There are so many! Growing up my two favorite bands were MxPx and Stretch Arm Strong. I listen to a lot of hardcore, but I also listen to a lot of jazz and classical. We have a pretty vast taste in music.

Why Victory Records?
We had a few different labels we were talking to. And after discussing it amongst ourselves and praying about it we really felt like Victory was the right choice for us with where we were going. And we also felt that Victory could get our music in front of more people than the other options.

Have you ever had a chance to share your Faith with fans or bands you have toured with?
Oh yeah for sure. It is a huge part of our lives, and so it comes up in conversations all the time.

How has the hardcore scene accepted you guys since you are Christian?
We have been accepted for the most part with open arms. We are not a judgmental group, and we don’t try and push out beliefs on anyone. I think that the hardcore scene is all about being genuine and true to yourself. Hardcore kids can smell someone who is fake from a mile away. We just try to write what we feel and do it with passion. I think that any hardcore kid can respect that approach.

What has been your most memorable show so far?
Our CD release show was pretty awesome! The place was completely packed and the building was WAY over capacity. Everyone was just going crazy and singing along super loud all night. It was amazing!

Anything embarrassing happen to you guys on stage ever?
Ha-ha we have definitely tripped or slipped and fell down before…that is always a little embarrassing! ha-ha

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