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If you’ve been following the fun this week, then you’ll know that IVM and Dream Records have been bringing you a week long event filled with exclusive content in support of Loftland’s newest album I Don’t Want to Dance. The album is out now wherever fine music is sold, like iTunes. Be sure to check back in a few weeks as we’ve recently announced Demon Hunter Week coming during the release week for Extremist.

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Hey guys, nice to “chat” with you. So, so far this week we’ve heard all about your bad dates and cheesy pick-up lines, but now let’s get some dirt on the band.
You recently signed with Dream and just released your first record for the label, so tell us why you guys and Dream were the right fit?
Yeah! We felt like Dream was the right fit for Loftland because our visions are so aligned. As a band, it is our goal to reach the lost by meeting them in the middle. We want to make good art that brings us into the conversation that people are having and then for people to talk about our lyrics and what they mean to them. Dream has been so great about partnering with us in this vision and working along side us. It’s been great!
What should those who will experience your sound for the first time this week expect from I Don’t Want to Dance?
We hope their experience is an initial love for the songs because of how “poppy” we made them sound. We wanted each song to have that X factor that grabs you right off the bat. And our greatest hope is that they’ll continue to listen and really hear what we have to say.
You blend several styles together with this album, tell us about the process of it moving from your heads to your instruments?
We’re all very heavily influenced by the secular pop music that’s so popular right now. There are tons of unbelievably talented artists our there and for us it’s been one huge process of breathing in the culture and art and then breathing out our take on all of it. We believe different things than most of the artist we listen to so the lyrics are quite a bit different than what you’d hear from any of them.
What sort of themes are presented on this album and why did you land on those?
There are a lot of different themes that we touch on throughout the record. Some songs are about having a fresh start through the grace of God, some are about His faithfulness to rescue us from seemingly hopeless situations, some are about falling in love or searching for love, some are just a pure celebration of life, and some are just how we’re imperfect and we fall short. We didn’t want to be confined to the typical themes that most Christian artists sing about and we really just tried to write honest songs that we believed in from beginning to end.
Who were some of your inspirations leading into this album?
Some of our favorite artists right now are The 1975, St. Lucia, Capitol Cities, and Bruno Mars.
Is it off base to say there are some similarities (at least in energy and vibe) to bands like Hawk Nelson?
Sure! There’s definitely a frenetic and youthful vibe to our songs that are a lot like Hawk Nelson or Relient K back when they first started!
The first single fans have been able to get a taste of is “Hold On Small One.” Why did you/Dream choose that specific song as a first impression? (It’s a great song by the way).
Thank you! I think we all felt that Hold On, Small One would be a great way to introduce us to the fans because it really speaks to the heart of the group and what we’re about at our core. It’s a song about trusting Jesus to save us even when we think we can’t be saved.
In that song you present a message from God’s point of view to, of course, hold on. Was there a specific situation that inspired this song?
Nothing specific. When I (Dominic) wrote the song I was thinking about what people really need to hear and what they need to know. People need to know that Jesus loves them, that he WILL rescue them, and that no situation is too hopeless. That’s what was on my mind and on my heart when I wrote it.
Several of your songs seem like they are just made for some crazy live energy, do you write with live shows in mind or do they just end up energetic because of who you guys are?
Haha both! We definitely write songs with the live show in mind and we do that because it’s our absolute favorite part about what we do!
You’ll be featured on a couple big tours this year, what is your excitement level like going into those?
We feel incredibly blessed. It’s a little crazy to look back over the last 7 years and to see where we’ve been and to look ahead to what’s on the horizon for this next year. We’re very grateful.
Are there any bands you get to play with that you hoped you’d get to once you signed?
No one in particular. We’re just grateful for any artist that has agreed to tour with us and we’re even more thankful for the friendships that have been formed with those people that we once looked up to.
Any bands you hope to get to play with in the future?
We’re really looking forward to the day that Newsboys is opening for us. Hahaha! Seriously though, there are a TON of artist that we’re excited to play with. Probably too many to mention.
I always close with a silly question, Who’s better, Batman or Superman?
Batman. Unanimous!

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