King's Kaleidoscope

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Bad Christian’s own King’s Kaleidoscope touched base with us this week about their partnership with Bad Christian, their new album, and what makes them tick. Check out our conversation, below:

IVM: First off, tell me a little about King’s Kaleidoscope and what you guys are all about?

KK: We’ve been a band for over four years. We started out playing in the church I was on staff at and have now changed direction. We create from a lot of influences, there’s 10 of us, everyone contributes and brings something to the table to make a really unique product.

IVM: What makes you “different” in terms of “worship as a genre”?

KK: I don’t really know. I’d say we’re just as different as every band is from each other. We just make what we love and it comes out the way it does.

IVM: Now, you guys are signed to Bad Christian, which is, of course Emery’s new label. Talk a bit about how you and Bad Christian came together, why you’re a fit, and how that even happened?

KK: I’m good friends with Matt Carter from Emery, so we would always talk about the music industry. When it came time for us to become independent, it made the most sense to partner with someone I really trusted.

IVM: What do you think sets Bad Christian apart from other labels?

KK: We’re not technically signed, we call it a partnership. They have loads of experience and “services” that are super helpful to us at this point in our career.

IVM: What role did Emery have in the final product on this new album?

KK: Toby and Matt were really encouraging, but nothing on the musical side or anything.

IVM: The album has been out for just a bit. How do you feel it has been received?

KK: It’s been incredible; we’ve blown away all my goals in a short time. I’m excited for what’s next.

IVM: What’s the future look like in terms of getting a full length album out and etc.?

KK: We’re recording a full-length right now and it’s turning out really incredible. That will be out at least by the fall, if not earlier.

IVM: Will you be exploring similar sounds in upcoming works, branching out, or honing in on your “sweet spot”?

KK: All of the above!

IVM: Anything you can share with fans on upcoming tours you’re working on?

KK: Nothing yet. We’re mostly doing festivals, conferences etc., but we will be on tour at some point this next year.

IVM: I always end with a silly question, Who’s better, Batman or Superman?

KK: Batman is a bad ass but Superman is a superhuman alien, so…Superman!