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An email interview with Jonathan Jones, lead singer of We Shot the Moon and Waking Ashland, discussing his new solo album, Community Group.

First off, let’s get an update on the life of Jonathan Jones. Other than releasing a new solo record, what have you been up to these days?

I have started a college booking agency (Call Box Entertainment) with my friend and current booking agent Jose Norato. I just got back from my first Community Group tour. And I’ve been teaching a little surfing here and there mixed in with some kayaking this summer.

I really enjoyed the new album, especially some of the more fun songs like “Duracell.” For those who haven’t heard it yet, how does it compare to your past work?

Community Group embodies a lot more instruments than on past albums and the organic approach to mixing it makes it stand out from previous works as well. I really fell in love with string quartets and brass during the writing process. I plan on diving even deeper into the soundscape on future efforts.

What does the writing process usually look like for you? Since I already mentioned “Duracell,” let’s use that as an example. Where did your ideas come from, and how did you put it all together?

My songs almost always start at the piano. “Duracell” was no exception. When writing songs I generally try and write about a current state of mind/feeling. I believe in that particular moment I was a bit worn out on life.

Having released two solo records now, is this the end of We Shot the Moon or just a break?

We Shot The Moon is probably only going to play a handful of shows this year. I would like to perform under my name full time.

2011 has been a great year for music. Name your top five releases so far this year.

Adele- “21”
Bon Iver –  “It’s Dreamy”
My Morning Jacket- “Circuital”
Destroyer – “Kaputt”
Death Cab for Cutie- “Codes and Keys”

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