Amber Pacific

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1. Thank you for taking the time to allow Indie Vision Music to have an interview with you. Let’s start by having you state your name & your function in the band?

William Nutter, songwriter.

2. Back in April, you released “Virtues” on Victory Records. Tell us how this album has been received in the music industry?

I think it’s been mixed when it comes to opinions. This is our first record with a new voice behind the band and some kids will never be able to let go of what Matt brought to the band and that’s totally understandable, on the other hand there are fans who love Jesse and what he brings, I would say it’s about 50/50 on how fans feel towards the new music.

3. This is the first full-length with new vocalist Jesse Cottam. What does Jesse bring to Amber Pacific that has helped the band grow?

Jesse brings SO much to the band. He knows how to use his voice and has a huge musical background, whereas Matt had to be taught most of what he knew. As a songwriter, I was able to write some things I haven’t been able to experiment with in the past because Jesse has a larger range and understands dynamics which make songs like “Forever” really hit home when they need to.

4. What did the band members do while waiting for a new vocalist?

The band all found ways to keep busy, Dango began teaching drum lessons, Greg dove into the world of EBAY, Davy worked at a bank, and I spent my days setting up Gmail accounts for auditions and searching on YouTube for undiscovered talent.

5. What led to the change/transition from Hopeless Records to Victory Records?

We signed a deal with Hopeless for 1 EP and 2 LP’s. We simply finished our deal with them and wanted to look into other options for a new home. We love Hopeless and everything we accomplished together, they’re a great label with dedicated, hard working individuals and we will always support them in any way we can! Victory has been nothing short of amazing to us. They took us in with open arms and have been so supportive of AP and what we are trying to do. We have been fortunate to find such great labels.

6. Many have labeled your band as a Christian band. What is your opinion on this?

We have individuals in the band who are Christian, Catholic, etc but we have never labeled ourselves as a Christian band. The whole purpose behind AP was to get out there, set a good example, and write songs that had some sort of positive message or deeper meaning that kids could connect with and relate to. If this makes us a Christian band, more power to us haha.

7. Lots of bands seem to strive to make it on a tour date of Warped. Yourselves being seasoned veterans of this tour, what are the Pro/Cons of being on Warped?

Warped Tour is GREAT. I credit 75% of our success to this tour and what it can do for bands. Obviously, the biggest pro is the amount of kids who come out to these shows, when there’s 10,000 kids in a venue you’re bound to make a few fans. The catering is amazing, the relationships you can make with other bands, and the people who run the tour are definitely other pro’s. As for the cons, I would say the biggest one out there is the weather. It can get extremely hot towards the middle of the tour and sometimes it’s a bit much!

8. What does the future hold for Amber Pacific?