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E-mail interview with Philip Hunsucker, keys & vocals, of Harp & Lyre. Read below to get to know this up-and-coming band.


First off, since you’ll be new to most of our readers, can you give a short back story of how the band came together?

Tyler and Philip used to be in a band called Dear Geoff and Joseph, Dylan, Noah and Clay were in a band called Cries for Closed Ears (CFCE), CFCE lost there guitarist and they wanted a keyboardist at the same time that Dear Geoff broke up so Tyler and Philip joined CFCE and changed the name to Harp and Lyre.

Who are the various members of the band and what instruments do they play?

Tyler Carder (vocals) Dylan Baxter (drums) Joseph Shaw (guitar) Noah Whitnah (guitar) Clay Winters (bass) Philip Hunsicker (piano and vocals)

What’s the story/meaning behind the name Harp & Lyre? Why did you guys pick it?

It is from Psalm 150:3, it says, Praise him with the sounding of the trumpet, Praise him with the Harp and Lyre. Our act of playing music is praise and worship to God, so we thought it was fitting.

Where are you guys from? How is the music scene there?

We are from Oklahoma City, the music scene is small here, except for pop music, but we have a very supportive fan base.

Describe your overall sound.

We have a heavy (hardcore if you will) sound but try to throw in all types of influences. Among those we add in a lot of melodic interludes and try to achieve something new and different that we haven’t done before. We also try to use the piano quite a bit and not just rely on synth. I think the piano is what sort of sets us apart from other bands in our genre.

Who are your bands biggest influences?

Our biggest influences are probably Drop Dead, Gorgeous, Underoath, La Dispute, As Cities Burn, Oh Sleeper, Norma Jean and Hanson.haha

Do you have any albums out? If so, where can we get your music?

Yes, we have a self titled EP out right now and you can get it on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, IMVU, Lala, and Shockhound.

I noticed you guys were heading into the studio when I was writing this interview. Where did you record and with who?

Yes, we will finish recording our new stuff late August and have it up as soon as possible for everyone to hear. We recorded at Engaged Audio in Springfield, Mo with Kevin Gates.

How did the recording process go? Any interesting stories?

The process is always good with Kevin, he spends a lot of time getting things just right and as for stories, everyday is interesting with Harp and Lyre.

Were you recording for a new album? Can you give us any inside details on it?

We are recording a few songs that will hopefully be on a full-length in the future and possibly, maybe, there just might be a cover song, but who knows.

Let’s talk about H&L’s songwriting process. Can you walk us through it? Is there a main songwriter or is it a group effort?

As of the past year, it has been a group effort. Individually, we have all put something into the writing process that is in some way our own and that is drawn from a different influence than the other band-mates. Lyrics come primarily from Tyler.

Do you guys plan to go full time as a band?

We are working very hard to be a full time band by staying on the road as much as we can and by writing new music for our fans.

Are they any plans for upcoming tours or any particular tour dates our readers should be aware of?

We are working on booking dates through the end of the year, but for sure in Nov. we are going out with Abandon Kansas(Gotee Records) and Swimming With Dolphins for a couple weeks. The gaps in between should fill in soon!

Pick 3 current bands that you’d really like to tour with.

Confide, La Dispute, Drop Dead, Gorgeous.

Do you view Harp & Lyre as a ministry or just a band made up of Christians?

Well we started it out as a group of Christians just in a band and we would talk to people, but only if they wanted to approach us, but as we take the band more seriously our passion for God and true priorities have surfaced, giving us purpose in how we approach playing music. Our ministry isn’t limited only to the stages we play.

Looking back on the band years from now, what will you have hoped to have accomplish with H&L?

That we have made a permanent impact on our fans and people we run across on tour, to further the kingdom of God, and of course to have the time of our lives.

Before we wrap this up is there anything else you’d like to leave with our readers?

If the juice runs clear in the chicken, then it is done!

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