Demon Hunter

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1.)Please introduce yourself (or selves? I don’t know) and give
background on previous music projects.
Ryan Clark- vocalist. I used to sing in a band called Training For Utopia and played guitar in a band called Focal Point.
2.)Your 4th studio album comes out next week. Do you have any special
plans for release day?
Just a release party with some friends and family.
3.)Did you take a break after The Triptych was released, or did you
begin writing again as soon as that album was done?
I started writing here and there pretty much right after The Triptych. I’m always recording little guitar and vocal parts whenever I get an idea. Then, when we get closer to recording, we start to really flesh out each idea.
4.)on the DVD for The Triptych, Don said that he and Ryan wrote the
music for DH before beginning work in the morning. Has this process
stayed the same for the writing of Storm the Gates of Hell?
Yep. Exactly the same. Other than jotting down some parts at home from time to time, that’s how we do it.
5.)The major theme of Storm The Gates of Hell seems to be a call to
believers to be bold in their faith. During the time that the lyrics
were being written, was their a particular passage of scripture, or a
life experience that placed it on your heart to write about that?
The title track was written after reading the first couple chapters of Proverbs. If you read through those passages, you can really see where I pulled some inspiration.
6.)How was it having Bruce from Living Sacrifice guest on your album?
And how did that come about? I’m sure it was awesome.
It was great. We asked him really early on (months and months before we recorded) if was interested and he was, so we were really pleased to have him lend us his voice. We’ve known Bruce for a long time and it was a really cool opportunity.
7.)The Demon Hunter line-up seems pretty stable now. Did this add a
dynamic to writing and recording that wasn’t there on previous
Yea, this is for sure a stable lineup. I think it definitely added to the recording process. I think each member was a little more comfortable with their position.. and they were able to focus a little more on playing to the best of their ability.
8.)Are there any tour plans for the coming year in the works?
Yes. More info to come on that very soon.
9.)What is your favorite memory from writing and recording Storm The
Gates Of Hell?
Just being in the studio, hearing the songs come together. That’s always my favorite thing about the whole process. Each little guitar line and vocal melody can add so much and it’s really cool to hear that stuff bring a song to life.
10.)Do you generally rewrite songs many times, or are you usually
happy with them in the first few tries?
We usually make a few minor tweaks to the songs once we’re in the studio, but for the most part, the final songs are very close to the demos, in terms of overall structure.
11.)Has each member of the band had formal training in their
respective roles, or are they self-taught?
As far as I know, all of the guys in the band are self-taught.. Maybe aside from a couple beginning guitar courses or something.
12.)As a follow up to the last question, at what age did you begin
playing your instruments or doing vocals, and how old were you when
you joined your first band?
I started playing guitar, but I also sang in all of the garage bands that I started when I was young, just out of necessity. My mom was a great singer, and I got that talent from her. That was something that was definitely more natural for me, whereas guitar was obviously something I had to learn from scratch.
13.)Where and when did you play your first show ever as Demon Hunter?
Actually, our first EVER show was a “practice” show in front of friends and family at a small church outside Seattle. Our first ACTUAL show was in Tacoma a few months later.
14.)What do you find yourselves (apart from music) doing together as a
band the most often?
Designing. My brother and I own a design firm.
15.)What are your personal interests outside of music?
Design. Art. Movies. Friendships. Biblical Theology. Toys. Coffee. Food. Etc.
16.)What record released from one of your labelmates have you enjoyed
the most this year?
The new Far-Less record. It’s a Tooth & Nail record (not Solid State) that really rocked me. Really unique and well thought-out. That, along with the newest Becoming The Archetype. Those guys have really come into their own. Great record.
17.)This is something I’ve always been curious about all heavy bands.
How do your parents react to you being in a band that plays this type
of music?
They love it. And I mean LOVE it. My mom listens to our record all the time.. and she prays for all the people that email us with prayer requests. My parents are amazing.
18.)Here is a completely random question, but out of curiosity, what
was your first paid job?
Subway. Sandwich artist.
19.)Does Demon Hunter need prayer in any particular areas?
Always. That we stay focused on our mission.. to be a light.
20.)Last words/final comments.
Thanks for the opportunity.
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