Dave Blackmore of Death Requisite

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I recently had the chance to interview Dave of Death Requisite. We discuss the release of their sophomore album, Revisitation, Rottweiler Records, and musical overall. Check this out!

What’s up man? How’s it going?

Dave Requisite: Ok, accept for this shooting business.

Yeah that’s unfortunate.

DR: Troubled times, gotta be vigilant

Yep. Could you give a quick background on yourself and the band?

DR: Well I put the band together, twice actually; the first time in 1999, the second time in 2010. Obviously we didn’t keep it together the first time out, but I’ve always had a passion for it and I’m glad we’re going strong right now.

Yeah. People seem to think that Death Requisite is a new band. But obviously this is not the case.

DR: I understand that we are new to most people so it doesn’t bother me when I read that or hear that.

So, do you guys still use “Extreme Hybrid Metal” anymore?

DR: Not so much. Symphonic Death Metal seems to fit better and requires less explanation. It sets people up for a more appropriate expectation. I also like neoclassical metal.

Yeah I’ve seen that around more. It does seem to fit the band’s genre more. What are some Symphonic / Neoclassical metal bands that you are into?

DR: To be honest there really aren’t many in the Christian Market. I do sometimes listen to Septicflesh and Fleshgod Apocalypse.

Maybe Tourniquet?

DR: Growing up I was a very big fan of Tourniquet as well as Believer because they both had very classical influences.

They are pretty important bands in this scene.

DR: Indeed. There are some others as well. Epica is another good one, and fortunately we had an opportunity to perform with both Fleshgod Apocalypse and Epica last month, and that was definitely a career highlight.

How’s the album done so far?

DR: We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from fans about the album release. We’ve had some really good reviews that are very encouraging. I can’t say much about sales though, I really don’t know.

Yeah. Rottweiler has all of those details. Speaking of, how’s that experience been?

DR: It’s been a learning experience for us. The first generation of the band was signed to a record label, but it was a small one and things were different back then. Since we got back together we’ve been a very do-it-yourself band, which is liberating and we really enjoyed the freedom of doing things ourselves, when we want, how we want. Running with Rottweiler meant that we kind of had to learn what it means to partner with a record label in the new music Market of the 21st Century; which is a very different experience, being an artist today.

This label seems to have grown haven’t they?

DR: Yes, Rottweiler is growing; they have signed several artists in the last year or so. They are definitely making a strong attempt to become something significant, and I would encourage everybody to keep your eye out to see where they are going, and what they become.

Good for them! I loved the albums from FTU and Aggelos and I loved the single from Hand of Fire. Your guys album made top of my list this year also.

DR: Yeah I saw that. Thanks so much for the support and encouragement bro.

No problem. So the album has a few things from the demo version. The song “Crimson Savior” changed to “Redemptio Per Deicide” correct?

DR: Yeah. There were a few songs on that record that had been updated from a previous version of itself and they also got a title change to reflect the renovation. Plus that new song title just sounds more metal.

“Redemptio Per Deicide” means the ‘Redemption of the Killer of God’ right? Or something like that? [Vincent St.] James (Vocals) mentioned it I believe.

DR: Redemption through the killing of God. I’m kind of a big dreamer in the sense that I want to try to capture a really big Vision when I write about a story, or what is happening when I get to the lyrics. So when you listening to the lyrics of that song, you see all these big events and these dramatic scenes, but at the core it is that song title which is still the primary objective. It also speaks to the amazing big heart of our creator, that He would allow things to work out in that fashion.

That explains as to the scenes and themes of the lyric video. Though there were some complaints about font of the words.

DR: Well my mother taught me that if you can’t say anything good then you don’t say anything at all so I’m afraid we can’t talk about the music video.

Alright with me.

DR: You can quote me on that part though.

Lol. So your bassist RTJ left the band last year and when I saw you at AudioFeed Festival, your son Gabriel was on bass. Is he an official member yet?

DR: No he’s not. He’s actually one of the best musicians we’ve ever had, but he has more important things to focus on; like school. At least, that’s what his father says.

Lol. So on the last sampler I did with you guys, there were two other Florida bands. GFM and Good News We’re Dead. Have you heard of them? And if so, have you had any correspondence?

DR: No and no.

Ok. There is a pretty split genre between all of you so I didn’t think there would be.

DR: I don’t mean to sound big-headed or pumped up, we’ve just been really busy, and a lot of people have been coming to us, and sometimes it’s really hard to find time in the midst of it all. Having said that though, it’s still true that sometimes you just have to make the time for things.

Yeah. That makes sense. So what ya been listening to lately?

DR: I’m a classical music freak. I listen to a lot of work by people who have been dead a long time. That and of course the holidays were just here, so of course there was the obligatory Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

That explains as to where the symphonic elements come in.

DR: Yes it does.

So another thing is, you guys are friends with Kelly Scott Nunn, formerly of Underøath, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster and finally Sleeping by the Riverside. You mentioned to me you’ve know him for quite a while. How’d that happen?

DR: Oh gosh it has been SOOO long. Back then nobody cared who Sleeping by the Riverside was, nobody knew who Underoath was, and of course Maylene hadn’t even happened yet. I met Kelly because I already knew his brother. I went to see a band his brother Al was in and Kelly was filling in that night for one of the missing band members.

Lol. I’ve listened to some Sleeping by the Riverside recently and I wish they would do a reunion. Maybe one day. I’ve got Kelly as a follower on Instagram so maybe I could get an interview with him about it. What was that band called?

DR: Yeti. I could walk someone through the history of the Florida underground metal and hardcore and the intermingling of so many bands, both Christian and non down here. It is ridiculous.

Sick, you should write a book about that. That’d be awesome! Nice. Well is there anything else you want to say?

DR: A big thank you to everyone who has jumped on the Death Requisite fan-wagon already and encourage everyone to stay in touch and keep watching. We have already begun to put our plans together for 2017 and we are very excited to pull the trigger on some big big things, and we look forward to much much more.

Can’t wait for that! Thanks for doing this man!

DR: Happy to do it brother. Thanks for the invitation.

No problem. I’m excited to see what 2017 has in store for you guys. Here’s to an awesome year!

DR: Thanks, and to you as well.

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