Colour Revolt

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Colour Revolt interview
April 7, 2008
By Eric Pettersson

Please give your name and duties in the band.

Jesse – guitar/sing

Patrick – Bass

Can you give a history of Colour Revolt (how you formed and what you’ve been up to since then)?

Colour Revolt actually came to while we were in school here in Oxford.  Before, Jesse, Len, and Jimmy were in a band called Fletcher.  Sean was in a band called City Lights, and Patrick was in The Rockwells.  We’ve all known each other for a long time and have played together for years.  All came together in what we all know now as Colour Revolt.

What made you decide this was the general style of music you wanted to play, and what factors really came together to create your band’s specific, unique take on the style?

It was never any decision.  It was just sort of what it came out as.  We take influences and try to incorporate what we can into our music, but how it sounds is just how it sounds.  We just jam a lot and our songs come from these jams.  Kind of start putting parts together and there you have it.  A Colour Revolt song.

Your new album, Plunder, Beg, and Curse just came out on April 1. Why should music fans be interested?

Great question, because I have no idea why.  We make music that we hope people enjoy, but regardless, we enjoy.  If people are actually interested, that is such an added bonus to the work we’ve put into this.  To see a song mean something to someone other than yourself is quite an accomplishment.  Why should they be interested?  Who knows, that is up to the listener to determine.

Alright, now that everyone is interested (and they better be!), where can they attain said record?

Ha, granted that they are.  It is available everywhere records are sold.  Meaning, if they can order CDs, they can get this CD.  Hopefully it’s already in their store, but if not, just ask the store to order it, or tell us and we’ll make sure that it happens.

And what exactly is going on in that album art? What inspired it?

Our friend Dabbs Anderson ( did the art with huge help from Len.

We are all into what she does and think her stuff really reflects the way we feel about a lot of the art, music, literature and movies that we are into.  It’s totally this beautiful picture to look at it, but as you look more closely, it’s completely disgusting.  We kind of feel our music has that same feeling and vibe to it.  We kept it local and with stuff that we liked, and it worked out perfectly.

How did you get hooked up with Fat Possum Records for this release?

Again, keeping it local.  Fat Possum is located just outside of Oxford.  We were able to get them some of our demos and that was pretty much that.  They were more than willing to tag on to the project, and for that, we couldn’t have been more happy about.

The first single, “Naked and Red,” has a bit of strange story going on in the lyrics. Can you explain the song a little bit and some of the concepts and deeper meanings involved?

Well, “Naked and Red” basically is an alternate image of the whole Garden of Eden story.  Adam ultimately kills Satan and from there chaos ensues.  God has basically ‘gone mental’ and is running around the whole joint talking crazy.  This being the first track just represents the beginning of the album and a general chaotic feeling.  Adam is left with no good and evil forces that are at work in the common man and has just ate from the “Tree of Knowledge.”  From there on in the album I think it’s possible to trace some sort of story…or not…whichever you’re into.

So what role does faith play in Colour Revolt?

I have faith in a lot of things.  I also lack faith in a lot of things.  I have faith in my family and friends.  I also lack that faith sometimes.  I have faith in myself.  I lack that sometimes too though.  I try to be conscious that someone out there has it way worse than everyone else and someone always has it way better.  So you just gotta keep on living and find out…and try and make other people’s lives a little better on the way.

Alright, let’s talk about concerts a little before closing it up. What’s been your favorite tour you’ve done so far?

I think I would say my favorite tour was last year to SXSW.  We had everything stolen on the way but at the end, we all kind of agreed that it was the most fun we had ever had.  It was pretty crazy.

What would be your dream tour to play on?

Does this mean like quality of music or of people?  Because we’ve had some really great tours with great people.  Music though.  I would maybe say Refused, At the Drive-in, Pixies, Daniel Johnston….Rolling Stones???  Haha, I don’t know.  I think it would be more of a dream tourgasm.

What are your next touring plans (who are you going with, when is it, what should fans expect from a show, etc)?

We’re about to do a tour with The Breeders for about two weeks and that should be about as close to a dream as any living person should be allowed.  I stayed up til like 2 last night just watching their old videos and live performances and they seem like really wicked people so I can’t wait.  After that, we finish out the month with Snowden.  It should be a really fun summer.  It will be our first touring as college graduates.  I imagine it will be liberating.

Thanks to Colour Revolt for taking the time to fill out these answers and to Brooke at Pirate! for linking us together.

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